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Welcome to the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) site. KDOL assists in the prevention of economic insecurity through unemployment insurance and workers compensation, by providing a fair and efficient venue to exercise employer and employee rights, and by helping employers promote a safe work environment for their employees. This facilitates compliance with labor laws while enabling advancement of the economic well-being of the citizens of Kansas.

      Lana Gordon, Secretary of Labor

News and Alerts

Labor Market Report June 2017
Preliminary estimates reported by the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) and Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 3.7 percent in June. This was unchanged from May and down from 4.2 percent in June 2016. Read more here.

Annual Workers Compensation Seminar Registration Open Online
The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) Workers Compensation Division is pleased to announce that the online registrations for the 43rd Annual Kansas Workers Compensation Seminar at the Overland Park Convention Center on Sept. 26 and 27 is now open. Registration can be completed online at and at the door until 1 p.m. Sept. 27. Read more here.

68th Annual Safety and Health Conference Registration Open Online
KDOL Industrial Safety and Health Division conference registration is open online for the 68th Annual Safety and Health Conference at the Capital Plaza Hotel, Topeka, on Sept. 19. Read more here.

Flame Engineering Inc. Honored for 16 Years with No Lost Time Accidents
The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) Industrial Safety and Health division and Secretary Lana Gordon recognized Flame Engineering Inc. of LaCrosse for reaching 16 years with no lost time accidents. Read more here.

KDOL Honors Glenn Griffeth for Meritorious Service
KDOL is proud to announce the winner of the Employee Recognition and Award Program, Glenn Griffeth. Griffeth is an attorney in the KDOL legal services and was honored for Meritorious Service. Read more here.

Amusement Ride Permit Application and Owner Registration NOW available at . Owners are directed to follow three easy steps to complete the registration and application for permits. Fees can be easily paid online by credit card. Amusement ride report of Itinerary form, definition of an amusement ride and resources are also available on the website. The report of itineraries form has been updated, please follow the steps on the webpage, submitting the new report of itinerary for events/locations after July 1, 2017. If you have questions about the application packet call the Industrial Safety and Health Division (ISH) at (785) 296-4386.

NOTICE:  A public hearing has been set on new permanent rules and regulations under the Kansas Amusement Ride Act at 9 a.m. on Sept. 7, 2017, at the Kansas Department of Labor, 401 SW Topeka Blvd., Topeka, Kansas, First Floor, Hearing Room 3.

Questions about an overpayment debt being sent for offset? Read the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) FAQs or call the Asset Recovery unit at (785) 296-3609.




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