Kansas Department of Labor Guidance Documents

100-01-12   UI Contact Center Work Rules/Policies

100-02-12   Call Monitoring Consent

100-02-13   Building Safety & Evacuation Procedures

200-03-03   Cell Phone Use

200-02-05   Reporting Accidents

200-06-05   Establishment and Maintenance of Employee Travel Reimbursement Vendor File

200-07-05   Establishing Electronic Deposit of Travel Checks

200-08-05   Coding for Appropriate Charging of Travel Expenses

200-09-05   Travel Expenses and Time Distribution Charges for Promotion Interviews

200-10-05   Telephone Calls While on Travel Status

200-11-05   Payment of Registration Fees

200-14-05   Unauthorized Passengers in State-Owned or Rented Motor Vehicles

200-17-05   Payment of Turnpike Tolls When Traveling on Official State Business

200-18-05   Vicinity Miles

200-19-05   Procedure for Out-of-State Travel

200-20-05   Use of Privately-Owned Conveyance in Lieu of Airfare for Out of State Travel

200-21-05   Payment of Travel and Appropriate Time Code Regarding an Appeal or Grievance Hearing

200-22-05   Relocation Expense Reimbursement

200-23-05   Direct Bill of Lodging Expenses

200-06-08   Tipping Guidelines

200-01-12   Travel Reimbursement Allowances for Judges and Board Members

200-01-15   Employee Taxability of State-Owned or Leased Vehicles

200-02-15   Reimbursement Rate for Use of Private Vehicle when State-Owned Vehicle is Available

200-03-15   List of Border Cities in which In-State Rates Will be Allowed

200-04-15   Announcement of Subsistence Rates; Reimbursement of a Meal without Overnight Travel

200-05-15   Reimbursement Rates for Travel Expenses

200-06-15   Policy Used in Auditing Travel Vouchers

300-01-10   Overtime-Compensatory Time

300-03-11   Attendance

300-04-11   Injuries/Accidents

300-01-12   Bereavement Leave

300-02-12   Discretionary Holiday

300-04-12   Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics Policy

300-06-12   Employees Access to HR and-or EO Office

300-07-12   Grievance Policy and Procedure

300-08-12   Policy on Harassment

300-09-12   Employee Separation

300-10-12   Employment Outside the Kansas Department of Labor

300-11-12   Filling Vacancies

300-12-12   Issuance of Badges

300-13-12   Jury Duty

300-14-12   Nepotism

300-16-12   Position Descriptions

300-17-12   Solicitation of Employees

300-18-12   Temporary Positions

300-19-12   Travel Time Compensation

300-21-12   Substance Abuse

300-22-12   Work Breaks

300-23-12   Equal Employment Opportunity

300-24-12   Removal of Property from KDOL Premises

300-25-12   Policy on Merit System for Employees

300-01-14   Employee Recognition and Award Program

300-15-14   Performance Review System Appeal and Procedure

300-02-15   Infant-at-Work Program

300-03-15   Smoke-free Workplace

300-05-15   FMLA

300-06-15   Workplace Violence Policy

300-01-16   Emergency Weather Policy

400-01-13   Vehicle Pursuits

400-02-13   Firearms Authorization, Training and Use by Agency Special Investigator

400-03-13   Investigative Guidelines

400-04-13   Domestic Violence Policy

400-05-13   Stalking Policy

400-06-13   Racial and Other Biased Based Policing

400-07-13   Human Trafficking

500-01-13   Agency Directive System

500-02-14   General Website Policy

500-03-14   Agency Communication Materials

500-04-14   Agency Website Changes

500-05-14   Media Calls and Legislative Contacts

500-06-14   Kansas Department of Labor Logo

500-07-14   Social Media Policy

700-01-07    Email Usage Policy

700-02-07    Information Technology Acceptable Use

700-04-07    Information Technology Procurement Policy

700-01-11    Incident Response Policy

700-01-12    Email Retention Policy

700-02-12    Information Technology Security Policy & Procedure

700-03-12    Change Management Policy

700-04-12    Media Protection Policy

700-05-12    Password Policy

700-06-12    Patch Management Policy

700-07-12    Risk Assessment Policy

700-08-12    Security Assessment Policy

700-10-12    System and Communications Protection Policy

700-11-12    Information System Maintenance Policy

700-12-12    Mobile Device Security Policy

700-13-12    Internet Use Monitoring and Filtering Policy

700-14-12    Wireless Access Policy

700-01-14    Data Access and Control Policy

700-02-14    Security Training Policy