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The 2013 update to the Kansas Workers Compensation law book is now online. It is available in any of four options: Download the complete updated book or a set of just the sections of the book in which changes occurred; or order the complete hard copy updated book or a hard copy three-hole punched packet of updated pages.

Our Applications and Research Section will no longer accept emailed applications for hearings or requests for records, due to security concerns. The same applies to elections forms. Please fax or postal mail these forms to the number or address on the form.

Make lodging reservations now for our next annual seminar, Sept. 30 - Oct. 1, 2014. Hotel links are now available on our Seminar home page. Each hotel has a block of rooms at special rates for our seminar attendees.

Want more in-depth news from the Division? See our newsletter issue links at Work Comp Connection. The March 2014 issue is now online.

Want to find contact information for the Division? The contact information pages and links have been reorganized so that you can find the information you need efficiently. Start with the new Contact Us page and look for the type of information you are seeking. Each section of the Division is listed on the Division Section Directory, with a Web page link and contact person for most of the sections; and an email address and phone number for all sections. The Office Locations page now includes the listings of the administrative law judges' legal assistants and email addresses for all locations. The Special Administrative Law Judges and Court Reporters pages are the same as before, but the links to these have not been easy to find, and were only on the Judicial page.

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