Amusement Ride Permit Application and Owner Registration Now Available

Judicial Section

Counties of Venue
By Administrative Law Judge

Effective December 4, 2013
Districting Map for ALJs

Central Region


Administrative Law Judge    
Barton Bruce Moore    
Cloud Bruce Moore    
Decatur Bruce Moore    
Ellis Bruce Moore    
Ellsworth Bruce Moore    
Gove Bruce Moore    
Graham Bruce Moore    
Harvey Tom Klein    
Jewell Bruce Moore    
Lincoln Bruce Moore    
McPherson Bruce Moore    
Mitchell Bruce Moore    
Norton Bruce Moore    
Osborne Bruce Moore    
Ottawa Bruce Moore    
Pawnee Bruce Moore    
Phillips Bruce Moore    
Pratt Tom Klein    
Reno Tom Klein    
Republic Bruce Moore    
Rice Bruce Moore    
Rooks Bruce Moore    
Rush Bruce Moore    
Russell Bruce Moore    
Saline Bruce Moore    
Sheridan Bruce Moore    
Smith Bruce Moore    
Stafford Bruce Moore    
Trego Bruce Moore    

Eastern Region


Administrative Law Judge    
Anderson Steven Roth    
Bourbon Steven Roth    
Cherokee Steven Roth    
Crawford Steven Roth    
Franklin Ken Hursh    
Johnson Steven Howard Ken Hursh Will Belden
Leavenworth Steven Howard Will Belden  
Linn Steven Roth    
Miami Steven Howard Ken Hursh Will Belden
Wyandotte Steven Howard Ken Hursh Will Belden

Northeastern and East Central Region


Administrative Law Judge    
Atchison Steven Howard Will Belden  
Brown Rebecca Sanders    
Chase Rebecca Sanders    
Clay Bruce Moore    
Coffey Steven Roth    
Dickinson Bruce Moore    
Doniphan Steven Howard Will Belden  
Douglas Steven Roth    
Geary Bruce Moore    
Greenwood Rebecca Sanders    
Jackson Rebecca Sanders    
Jefferson Steven Howard Will Belden  
Lyon Rebecca Sanders    
Marion Rebecca Sanders    
Marshall Bruce Moore    
Morris Bruce Moore    
Nemaha Bruce Moore    
Osage Steven Roth    
Pottawatomie Bruce Moore    
Riley Bruce Moore    
Shawnee Steven Roth Rebecca Sanders  
Wabaunsee Bruce Moore    
Washington Bruce Moore    
Woodson Steven Roth    

South Central Region


Administrative Law Judge    
Allen Steven Roth    
Barber Gary Jones Ali Marchant  
Butler Gary Jones Ali Marchant  
Chautauqua Gary Jones Ali Marchant  
Cowley Gary Jones Ali Marchant  
Elk Gary Jones Ali Marchant  
Harper Gary Jones Ali Marchant  
Kingman Gary Jones Ali Marchant  
Labette Steven Roth    
Montgomery Steven Roth    
Neosho Steven Roth    
Sedgwick Gary Jones Ali Marchant Tom Klein
Sumner Gary Jones Ali Marchant  
Wilson Steven Roth    

Western Region


Administrative Law Judge    
Cheyenne Pamela Fuller    
Clark Pamela Fuller    
Comanche Pamela Fuller    
Edwards Pamela Fuller    
Finney Pamela Fuller    
Ford Pamela Fuller    
Grant Pamela Fuller    
Gray Pamela Fuller    
Greeley Pamela Fuller    
Hamiltion Pamela Fuller    
Haskell Pamela Fuller    
Hodgeman Pamela Fuller    
Kearny Pamela Fuller    
Kiowa Pamela Fuller    
Lane Pamela Fuller    
Logan Pamela Fuller    
Meade Pamela Fuller    
Morton Pamela Fuller    
Ness Pamela Fuller    
Rawlins Pamela Fuller    
Scott Pamela Fuller    
Seward Pamela Fuller    
Sherman Pamela Fuller    
Stanton Pamela Fuller    
Stevens Pamela Fuller    
Thomas Pamela Fuller    
Wallace Pamela Fuller    
Wichita Pamela Fuller