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Overview: The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL), Workers Compensation Division, has spent the last two years preparing to undergo a comprehensive digitization project. This project is being completed in two phases: planning (DigiComp) and implementation. DigiComp, the planning phase, was completed in October of 2016 with the selection and hiring of a vendor, CapTech Ventures, Inc., to build the new workers compensation system. The Workers Compensation Division named the implementation phase and the new system OSCAR which is an acronym for Online System for Claims Administration Research/Regulation. OSCAR will be the development and build phase of the new workers compensation system based on requirements created from the DigiComp phase.

OSCAR is expected to take up to 22 months to complete. Kickoff began January 30, 2017. CapTech Ventures project team will be onsite in Topeka to collaborate with staff identified as subject matter experts (SME) in various functional areas. Over the next 22 months, CapTech’s team will work with WorkComp Strategies LLC and KDOL/DWC to compile information and feedback from the SMEs for developers to use to create the new system. Full system launch is scheduled for October 2018.


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