Coverage Verification Service Usage Data

Coverage Verification Service Usage Data Chart

Usage Interpretation

The User Count is the number of times any user separately linked to the site in a given month. The Search Count is the number of times the user conducted an initial search. Employer Details Provided is the number of times the user clicks on a different link in the initial search results. Claims Processing Info Searches is the number of times the user clicks on a link to obtain contact information for the claims processor.

In September 2013 the CVS search site host completed an upgrade to the search engine and site screens, including enhancements to both site security and reporting details.

Some of the enhancements included:

  • Addition of agent information (if reported)
  • Addition of Class Code descriptions/phraseology;
  • Addition of Reason for Reinstatement descriptions; and,
  • Changing "Coverage Provider" to read "Carrier" throughout the application.

We have begun reporting the additional claim processing data along with the standard user access, search, and detailed inquiries counts. We expect the search for claim processing information count to go up as users become more aware and familiar with the redesign of our coverage verification feature.

We hope these enhancements to Proof of Coverage Inquiry will provide users with POC data in a clearer and more efficient manner. Thank you for your patience these last few months as the site host worked through implementation of our new reporting tool for the Coverage Verification Service (CVS) application.

Usage data is obtained from the host of the CVS search site. For assistance with verifying workers compensation coverage in Kansas, call the Kansas Department of Labor, Division of Workers Compensation, Coverage and Compliance, at (785) 296-4000.