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September 19, 2013

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Labor Market Report August 2013

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TOPEKA, Kan. — The Kansas Department of Labor reported the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 5.9 percent, unchanged from July and up from 5.8 percent in August 2012.

Unemployment Rate

“There were 103,521 continued claims in August, down from 131,851 the previous month and down from 140,058 in August 2012,” said Lana Gordon, Secretary of Labor. “This is indicative of an improving labor market.”

Kansas gained 20,800 not seasonally adjusted private sector jobs and 15,400 nonfarm jobs since August 2012. Kansas gained 1,500 not seasonally adjusted nonfarm jobs, a 0.1 percent increase and private sector jobs decreased by 1,100 jobs or 0.1 percent since July.

Kansas gained 19,200 seasonally adjusted private sector jobs and 13,800 nonfarm jobs since August 2012. Kansas lost 200 seasonally adjusted nonfarm jobs, a 0.0 percent change and private sector jobs increased by 2,100 jobs or 0.2 percent since July.

Six of the 11 major industries in Kansas reported over-the-month job gains. Gains were greatest in government with 2,600 jobs, with the largest increase at the local level. Professional and business services gained 500 jobs and education and health services grew by 300 jobs.

Four major industries reported statewide over-the-month job losses. Losses were greatest in leisure and hospitality losing 1,300 jobs throughout the sector. Financial activities lost 600 jobs with losses in finance and insurance. Trade, transportation and utilities lost 300 jobs in both wholesale and retail trade.

Eight of the 11 major industries in Kansas reported gains over the last 12 months. Gains were greatest in professional and business services with 9,300 jobs and leisure and hospitality gaining 2,600 jobs. Financial activities rose by 2,500 jobs with gains in the entire sector.

Two major industries reported statewide losses over the last 12 months. Losses were greatest in government losing 5,400 jobs and construction losing 400 jobs. The losses in construction were in heavy and civil engineering construction and specialty trade contractors.

“Private sector job growth picked up in August after seasonal adjustment, although there were some indications of softness in the labor market,” Tyler Tenbrink, Senior Economist. “Trends in average weekly hours worked and average weekly earnings leveled from increases earlier in the year.”

The unemployment figures are based largely on a survey of households in Kansas and measure the unemployment status of people who live in the state. Unemployment rates prior to 1976 are not recognized by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as official since the methodology used at that time is not comparable to today’s methods. The establishment jobs figures are derived from a survey of businesses in Kansas and measure the number of jobs in the state.

Additional information on procedures for producing Current Employment Statistics (CES) estimates is available on the BLS website at http://www.bls.gov/web/empsit/cesmetho.htm

The September Labor Report will be released on Monday, Oct. 21.

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Tyler Tenbrink, Senior Labor Economist
Labor Market Report Fact Sheet by Sue Henke.