Kansas Amusement Ride Act Permit Program

The Kansas Amusement Ride Act states that no amusement ride shall be operated in Kansas unless a valid permit for such ride has been issued by the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) and the owner of the ride has registered with KDOL as an amusement ride owner. In order to obtain a permit to operate an amusement ride in Kansas, the owner must first submit an application packet with KDOL. Once an application has been approved, a permit will be issued for the amusement ride.

Owner Registration and Application for Permit

Step 1
Click here to register as an amusement ride owner.

Step 2
Click here to apply for a permit for each ride in operation.

Step 3
Send the following required information to KDOL

  • Proof of insurance
  • Report of Itinerary
  • Certification of inspection by a qualified inspector.
    Individuals who inspect amusement rides in the state of Kansas must be qualified. Please fill out a Qualified Inspector Status Report when submitting your ride permit application.
  • Written certification that the ride meets the applicable ASTM International F24 committee standard

Email, mail, or fax your information to:
    - KDOL.Amusements@ks.gov
    - KDOL Industrial Safety and Health Division
        Attn: Amusement Ride Permits
        417 SW Jackson St.
        Topeka, KS 66603-3327
    - Fax: (785) 296-1775

Permits cannot be issued until all required documentation and payment are received.


Laws and Regulations

Definition of an Amusement Ride


Public Comment Hearing

If you have any questions call the KDOL Industrial Safety and Health Division at (785) 296-4386.

On-Site Audit
An on-site audit may be conducted throughout the year to verify compliance with the Kansas Amusement Ride Act.

The following is required and shall be made available to the KDOL representative at the time of the on-site audit:

  • the current certification of an inspector’s qualifications to inspect amusement rides;
  • the current certificate of inspection for each ride signed by a qualified inspector;
  • daily maintenance and inspection records for each ride;
  • the amusement ride manufacturer’s operational manual for each ride;
  • the amusement ride manufacturer’s nondestructive testing recommendations for each ride;
  • the amusement ride manufacturer’s inspection guidelines for each ride;
  • operator training records for each operator trained on each ride;
  • report of Itinerary;
  • written certification that the ride meets the applicable ASTM international F24 committee standards;
  • insurance policy in effect at the time of operation of the amusement ride with certain coverage in place required by K.S.A. 40-4802;
  • results of nondestructive testing for each ride.


  • valid permit and inspection decal affixed to each ride;
  • signage must be posted at the point of admission or ticket sale and at least two other locations in close proximity to the amusement ride explaining a patron’s duty to report injuries;
  • all safety instructions for the ride must be posted in plain view on or near the ride in a location where they can be easily read.

All amusement ride records shall be grouped according to the ride.
Records shall be maintained by the owner for three years and kept at the location of the ride’s operation.