Steps to a Safe Workplace

Basics steps to a safe workplace for your employees

These are basic safety and health rules for most employers in Kansas. Make your workplace safer and healthier by following these rules:

  1.   Follow core guidelines.
  2.   Build a safety program.
  3.   Display the required workplace posters.
  4.   Find other rules that apply to your workplace such as:
  • Industry specific rules like Agriculture, Construction or Aerospace Manufacturing.
  • Hazard specific rules such as Confined Spaces.
  • Machine specific rules such as Portable Power Tools or Machine Safety.
  5.   Find other programs that apply to your workplace like:
  • Rules requiring training or written plans.
  • Additional program requirements.
  6.   Get required certifications and licenses.
  7.   Request assistance, if needed, from the Kansas Department of Labor.

Get more information to help you with the basics at: OSHA