Year-end Accident Prevention Report

The Industrial Safety and Health Division of the Kansas Department of Labor is required to gather information annually from each of the insurance companies and group-funded self-insurance plans licensed to write workers compensation coverage in Kansas.

These coverage providers submit their year-end reports for each fiscal year (July 1-June 30) online using form K-ISH 28.

NOTE: The form is automated so information can be entered directly online. The K-ISH 28 must be submitted online and the Excel spreadsheet also is online. Effective 2011, we no longer accept hard copies of either the K-ISH 28 form or the Excel spreadsheet; also, we will no longer accept homemade forms. If you have questions about the changes, please contact Alan Stanton, (785) 296-4000 ext. 2152.

Year-end Accident Prevention Report
Reporting instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit my completed annual report (K-ISH 28) form?
The form is available online. As soon as you hit the send button, it is automatically sent to our server through a secure internet connection. We no longer accept paper forms for this report.

If we are not actively soliciting business in the state of Kansas, do we still have to complete the annual report K-ISH 28?
As long as a workers compensation carrier has a license to write workers compensation in Kansas, they must fill out Section I. Check “no” in Section II, date and verify the report. If the company should start writing business in Kansas, we will have a record of the business.

Is the website we use to submit our information secure?
Yes, the connection is secure.

Will you accept other forms submitted by a workers compensation carrier?
No, for consistency and to provide what is required in the state statute, we will only accept our automated form K-ISH 28 and the Excel spreadsheet as found on our website.

Who do I contact with questions about the Annual Report?
Please contact the Accident Prevention Administrator at (785) 296-4000 ext. 2152 or by email at alan.stanton@dol.ks.gov