KDOL UITax Web Service Return Messages

Electronic File Submission


Error Message Description
The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive. Usually indicates that the file submitted was too large. There is a 5mb limit on individual file submissions.
InvalidUTID Indicates that the UTID passed in does not exist in our system.
InvalidFileType Indicates an incorrect action on a given file type.  Only MMREF, NASWA and Payment files may be committed.  A Rate file may only be used for a RateRequest.
DataContentError Indicates there was an error with the submitted file. Possibilities of errors could include the file was too large, unreadable, used an incorrect character set, was found to contain malicious content, or too large of a filename was used.
DataLoadFailed Indicates there was an error loading the file information into the Kansas Department of Labor system. If this error occurs you are encouraged to try resubmitting the file.
DataValidationFailed Indicates that all of the data contained in the file submission was not valid. Use the GetUploadDetail() method for more details. If you would like to go ahead and submit employer records that were valid, use the CommitValidRecords() method.
DataTransferError Indicates there was an error transferring the file from the client machine the Kansas Department of Labor server.
NotCommitted Indicates that no records for the UTID submitted have been committed. For example, this error is returned if you try to get the transaction detail without first comitting any records.