Rate Technical Specification

Electronic File Submission
File Requirements
Code RH
Code RI
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The Kansas Department of Labor will accept the Rate file format below. The layout defined below only indicates the fields required by KDOL. Please review our specification carefully to determine exactly what records and fields are required.

The following requirements are used to reject an entire file:

  • Must be readable.
  • Must be ASCII text data format.
  • Must not put your organization over the 100MB maximum submission per day.
  • All records must be 221 characters in length (each record is a separate line ended by CR LF).
  • File must be of type zip, gz, bz2, txt, or dat. All other files will be rejected. Any compressed file must be of type txt or dat after it is decompressed. Any compressed file can only contain one file.
  • File name must be less than 75 characters.
  • File must not exceed 5MB. If a file is larger than 5MB than we suggest either compressing it using zip, gz, or bz2 or breaking it up into multiple files.

File Layout:

Code RH Record Layout
1-2 Record Identifier 1 Constant "RH".
3-11 Transmitter FEIN 9 Transmitter's Federal Employer's Identification Number Use only the 9 numeric characters. No hyphens, prefixes or suffixes.
12-61 Transmitter Name 50 Name of the organization submitting (transmitting) the file.
62-101 Transmitter Street 40 Street address of the transmitter.
102-126 Transmitter City 25 City of the transmitter.
127-128 Transmitter State 2 The standard 2 character FIPS postal code abbreviation for the transmitter's state.
129-133 Transmitter Zip 5 Transmitter's Zip Code.
134-137 Transmitter Zip + 4 4 Transmitter's 4 digit extension of the Zip Code.  If unknown, fill with blanks.  
138-167 Transmitter Contact 30 Name of individual from transmitter organization who is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of this file.
168-177 Telephone Number 10 10 digit voice telephone number where the transmitter contact can be reached.
178-181 Extension 4 Voice telephone extension or voice mail box of transmitter contact.  
182-221 Transmitter Email 40    
Code RI Record Layout
1-2 Record Identifier 1 Text Constant RI. Only "RI"
3-11 Employer FEIN 9 Numeric Employer's Federal Employer's Identification Number. Use only 9 digits. No hyphens, prefixes or suffixes.
12-17 KS Unemployment Tax Account Number (Serial Number) 6 Numeric 6 digit Kansas account number, left justified and blank filled. Must be 6 digits
18-21 Year 4 Numeric The year for which the rate is to be returned.  
22-71 Employer Name 50 Text Name of the employer for which the rate is to be returned.  
72-78 Rate 7 Numeric Employer Experience Rating. Right justified and zero filled. For example if the rate is 2.99 input 0000299.    
79-221 Blanks 143 Text Blanks.