Employee Responsibilities

Employees are responsible for reporting an injury to the employer. If the employer has not specified a written policy on who employees should report to, the employee should report to their direct supervisor. This can be a manager, Human Resources or a safety director. If there is no assigned delegate, the employee should report to their immediate supervisor.

As of April 2013, employees have a very specific time frame to report an injury.

If an employee has suffered from an injury with a specific date associated with it, such as falling off a ladder, they have 20 days from the date of occurrence to report.

If the employee currently works for the employer with whom they are seeking benefits, and the injury occurred over a long period of time with no specific date associated with it, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, the employee must report within 20 days from the date of medical treatment.

If the employee is no longer employed with the employer they are seeking benefits from, the employee has 10 days from their last date of employment to report an injury.

For more information on employee responsibilities, download the Information for Injured Employees form.