Scheduled Injury Calculator

Instructions for Scheduled Injury Computation

  • Enter date of accident (e.g., 010103); required.
  • Enter Docket Number (6 or 7 digits) or one zero; required. Entering the Docket Number provides a way to identify to which claim file a calculation belongs if the calculation is printed out.
  • (a) Enter claimant's average weekly wage or a wage high enough for the maximum benefit applicable if no wage is available. This should also include any changes in average weekly wage.
  • (c) Enter the number of temporary total disability weeks that have been paid or awarded. If there are no temporary total disability weeks, enter zero. Note: Temporary partial must be converted to temporary total disability.
  • (d) Enter the percentage of disability as a whole number with no decimal unless the amount includes a half percentage.
  • (e) Click the drop-down arrow, select the body part or type "a" for arm "h" for hand, etc.
  • (f) If there has been a healing period award, enter the number of weeks.
  • Select [Calculate].
  • Select [Print] if a hard copy is desired.

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Award Computations - Scheduled Injury
[AWW x .__ = benefit rate [BR]
[can't exceed max ]
[NOTE: For Amputations, add a healing
period allowance of 10% and not over 15
weeks to the weeks on the schedule.]

1. Benefit Rate = line 1a x 1b
[can't exceed max]
a. AWW
[line a]
b. x .__   __
2. Total TTD due = TTD weeks x benefit rate.
a. TTD weeks
[line c]
b. x BR
[line 1]
3. To determine weeks payable:
[get off schedule list]
4. Less TTD weeks paid
[line c]
5. Equals # of payable weeks for calculations
6. x % of disability
[line d]
7. Equals # of compensable weeks due claimant
8. x Benefit Rate
[line 1]
9. Equals Total PPD due to claimant
10. Plus Total TTD due to claimant
[line 2]
11. Equals TOTAL AWARD
[can't exceed max]