Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
EDI UPDATE: Kansas is in the process of implementing IAIABC Claims Release 3.1, which will be adopted on November 29, 2018. The Kansas IAIABC R3.1 release date coincides with go-live of Kansas’ Online System for Claims Administration Research/Regulation (OSCAR). Kansas EDI data will be integrated into OSCAR and some of the new requirements in claims 3.1 are needed to support OSCAR functionality and processes.

Medical Fee Schedule
The Medical Services and Fee Schedule Section administers the Kansas Department of Labor’s Workers Compensation Division’s fee schedule for provision of medical services to injured workers. The section revises the fee schedule on a biennial basis to assure that the fee schedule is reasonable and promotes health care cost containment, yet ensures the availability of necessary treatment and care for injured employees.

This section also administers a plan for health care services utilization and peer review, and reviews disputed charges or services rendered by health care providers. The Medical Services and Fee Schedule Section functions as a liaison between health care providers, attorneys, employers, employees and insurance carriers or self-insured businesses.

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