Official Disability Guildelines

The Kansas Department of Labor, Workers Compensation Division has adopted the Work Loss Data Institute's Official Disability Guidelines - Treatment in Workers Comp (ODG) as the standard of reference for evidence-based medicine used in caring for injured workers. The Work Loss Data Institute is an independent database development company focused on workplace health and productivity.

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All monthly updates from February 2008 to the present are included in both the Excel and PDF files.

Background to the adoption of the ODG
The Workers Compensation Division conducted an extensive and independent evaluation of medical treatment guidelines commonly used in workers compensation including both ODG and the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Guidelines. Public hearings were held on the subject and ultimately the decision was made to name a single guideline - ODG. As indicated in the new Schedule of Medical Fees, effective January 1, 2008, "The Official Disability Guidelines-Treatment in Workers Compensation (ODG), published by the Work Loss Data Institute (WLDI), is to be recognized as the primary standard of reference, at the time of treatment, in determining the frequency and extent of services presumed to be medically necessary and appropriate for compensable injuries under the Kansas Workers Compensation Act, or in resolving such matters in the event a dispute arises."

Benefits of adopting the ODG
By adopting the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG), the Workers Compensation Division can ensure the latest available medical evidence is used in making treatment decisions for workers injured on the job in Kansas. In addition, workers compensation expenditures will remain focused on the goal of recovery and the best utilization of the available medical services.

Kansas is one of many U.S. states and Canadian provinces to adopt ODG, as the movement towards evidence-based medicine in workers compensation continues to gain momentum. Most unique about the ODG approach is that links are provided from each recommendation to the supporting medical evidence, provided in abstract form, so it can be consulted directly. In addition, ODG conducts a rigorous and ongoing update process. Finally, ODG is comprehensive and multidisciplinary in scope, covering conditions both acute and chronic, including virtually every therapy commonly used in workers compensation, and representative of all medical specialties active in the system.

Information on obtaining the ODG and updates
To encourage its widespread use, Work Loss Data Institute is offering a substantial discount on ODG Treatment in Workers' Comp for all Health care providers operating in the Kansas workers compensation system. Updates are normally provided via the ODG subscriber site, which contains the complete ODG guidelines. Due to the importance of ongoing updates, the cost to access the updates via the ODG subscriber site, for states that have adopted ODG (including Kansas), is 50 percent off the regular annual subscription price. The annual three-volume textbook set is also available to Kansans for 25 percent off the regular price. To receive the discount, Kansans only need to use a Kansas billing or shipping address when placing the order.

Because Kansas has adopted the ODG, we are able to provide updates (not the complete guidelines) to our medical and physician community at no cost we will post. Each month we will post a new updated table in Excel and PDF formats is posted on this page. Previous updates will be available for the 11 months prior to the current release so that at any time a full year's changes will be available.

Note: The information provided above is based on material copyrighted by Work Loss Data Institute. The Work Loss Data Institute has provided permission in writing for the division to use the material as presented above.

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