Schedule of Medical Fees - Quick Reference Table

NEW! The Quick Reference Table online search engine feature has been upgraded in two ways:

  1. The engine is now updated to use 2017 values
  2. The engine feature has been redesigned to combine all the separate engines into one; in addition to entering the procedure code(s), you now also select the year appropriate for your billing needs from a list of editions.

Values in the search engine’s table will continue to be available online for an indefinite period of time, for convenience in billing services provided from January 1, 2010 to the effective date of the next edition of the fee schedule.

Please enter the code(s) to retrieve fee values based on the edition of the Kansas Workers Compensation Schedule of Medical Fees applicable to the billing you are preparing. The year you enter will instruct the search engine to access the appropriate group of values applicable to the edition of the fee schedule in effect for that year.

Enter codes with or without separating commas 11200 11300 11400 or 11200, 11300, 11400.

For the 4-digit (5-character) dental codes, enter with D as the first character.


If the value returned for a code you searched for shows up as a single or multiple asterisk, refer to the notes below to interpret the meaning of those symbols as used in this application.

The maximum fee for this code (99071) is to be determined "By Report" (BR); however, when the charge for any item exceeds $7.00, documentation of cost to the provider for such items must be attached to the bill when submitted for payment. Payment shall not exceed the cost of the item to the health care provider, plus 25%.
For this code (99075), see separate section reference "Depositions, Testimony, and Medical Records Reproduction Section."

No maximum fee has been assigned. The maximum fee for codes 99455 and 99456 is to be determined in the same manner as that which pertains to an IME and other Special Examinations and/or Reports. Refer to item 2 of the Depositions/Testimony and Reproduction of Medical Records Section of this fee schedule as it relates to an IME and other Special Examinations and/or Reports.
OPPS - Out Patient Prospective System

CPT Codes are copyright 2016 American Medical Association for the 2017 Kansas Workers Compensation Schedule of Medical Fees

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