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Welcome to OSCAR

What is OSCAR? OSCAR is an acronym for Online System for Claims Administration Research/Regulation. It is a comprehensive online Workers Compensation management system that went live in November 2018.

With the implementation of this system we have gone completely digital, and nearly all submissions to the Division are now required to be in OSCAR. This includes:  Applications for Benefits/E1’s and all filings related to cases, appeals, and undocketed settlements; Records Requests; Elections; Paid Loss Reports and Assessment Invoices; Self-Insurance Applications and supplemental materials for self-insurance; and proof of coverage for Compliance related issues. Users will have access to the system 24 hours a day and 365 days a year except for brief maintenance periods. OSCAR also provides immediate access to track submissions, cases, and outcomes.

OSCAR Support. OSCAR help can be accessed at www.oscar.dol.ks.gov/help which includes Frequently Asked Questions and the Training Manual. The Training Manual includes written and video instructions on how to complete tasks in OSCAR. To download please go to the link provided via Help button and click on the ‘Download PDF’ button on the right-hand side of the page. OSCAR was developed and optimized for Google Chrome but you can also use Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the support team at kdol.oscar@ks.gov.

Please note, the Workers’ Compensation statute (44-566a(c)(1)) requires that the commissioner of insurance must receive written notice from a party wishing to implead the workers compensation fund, setting forth the nature of the liability asserted.

If you are filing a motion to implead the fund in OSCAR the Fund is not automatically added as a participant on the case and will not receive notice through the system. Once they have been added to the case then OSCAR will notify them through the system. Please send your written notice to the Fund at Kansas Insurance Department, Workers’ Compensation Fund, 1300 SW Arrowhead Rd, Topeka, Kansas, 66604-4073.

OSCAR Updates

  • Quarter 1 - 2020

  • Quarter 2 - 2020