Kansas Electronic Data Interchange Frequently Asked Questions

The Kansas Division of Workers Compensation appreciates input from current and potential trading partners regarding the EDI program. Past input has raised important issues and in response, the division has continued its effort to clarify or rethink its requirements.

If you have a question that is not addressed in these FAQs and feel it would be helpful to include it, send your suggestions to the division via this contact information. Periodically, this set of Frequently Asked Questions will be updated.

What is the current status of EDI Release 3?
As of January 1st, 2014 EDI Release 3 is now mandatory for all First Reports of Injury (FROI) and Subsequent Reports of Injury (SROI) that are submitted to the Kansas Division of Workers Compensation. Kansas began mandating the use of IAIABC EDI Release 3 Standards in April 2013. Implementation of the mandate was carried out in three phases. The first phase (or tier) included those already using EDI Release 1; the other two phases included those new to EDI, with the second phase consisting of larger entities, and the third including smaller entities. Each phase lasted three months, with the third ending in December 2013. All insurance carriers, group-funded pools and self-insured employers are now required to use EDI.

Data Requirements

Reporting Requirements

  • What is the current status of EDI Release 3?

  • When is a First Report of Injury (FROI) required to be reported (medical-only as well as indemnity)? Do all incidents, regardless of medical aid, get reported via EDI?

  • When is a Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI) required to be reported?

  • How do I know when a First Report of Injury (FROI) and Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI) need to be filed, and in what order to file them?

  • Do we submit an EDI Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI) on claims for which we previously submitted a paper First Report of Injury (FROI)?

  • How do we use the Annual Report (AN) in Release 3?

  • What is the new MTC code PY? When is it used?

  • What if I have reported a SROI PY (lump sum payment), but the claim is still open for possible future medical payments?

  • Where did the MTC code FS go?

Trading Partner Requirements