Accident Prevention Program

K-ISH 28 Year-End Accident Prevention Report
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Enforce the administrative provisios of K.S.A. 44-5,104.

Primary Functions

  • Maintain list of insurers having current certificate to write workers compensation insurance in Kansas.
  • Send annual reminder notice to insurers regarding the reporting requirement.
  • Monitor reporting to identify non-responders.
  • Furnish list of non-responders to the Commissioner of Insurance.
  • Provide information to Industrial Safety and Health field safety representatives to facilitate appropriate selection of entities for premises and/or records inspection.
  • Ensure that insurers are using properly qualified field safety staff.
  • Submit annual report to the Directors of Industrial Safety and Health and Workers Compensation.
  • Maintain up-to-date content of Accident Prevention reporting instructions
  • Maintain proper functioning of online Accident Prevention administrative and public reporting sites, as well as make quality improvements, through interaction with KDOL's IT division.


K.S.A. 44-5,104, part of the Kansas Workers Compensation Act, was passed in March 1993. It mandated that as a prerequisite for authority to provide workers compensation insurance coverage to Kansas employers, each insurance company or group-funded self-insurance plan would be required to provide accident prevention programs upon request of the covered employer. The purpose of the program was to ensure all employers, especially the smaller employers, being provided workers compensation insurance are being provided safety and health services from their insurer.

The Accident Prevention (AP) Program was started in 1994 by the newly-created Industrial Safety and Health Section of the Kansas Division of Workers Compensation.* For several years, monitoring and data compilation were done by hand, a laborious process. In 2009, the program administrator at that time began working with the Department of Labor’s IT division to design and develop an automated reporting and monitoring system. The team made the K-ISH 28 form interactive and ready for access online along with the accompanying Excel spreadsheet A website was created for use by the AP administrator to access the database, monitor reporting by insurers, communicate with insurers by mass emailed notices, and compile data to provide information for annual reports to the Secretary of the Department of Labor. The formal launch of the online reporting and monitoring system took place in mid-2012. In 2015, administrative responsibility for the program was transferred to the Division of Workers Compensation.


Reporting Compliance For Fiscal Year 2015, the program achieved 100 percent reporting compliance.

Program Software Functioning System automation has produced significant savings through ease of access to data and communication with insurers, resulting in increased productivity and more time for site inspections. System improvement is a continuous, dynamic process.

Annual AP Reports to Division Directors

Annual AP Report FY 2015


In 2005 to 2006, the Industrial Safety and Health (ISH) Section of the Division of Workers Compensation became a stand-alone division under the Kansas Department of Labor. ISH continued to administer the provisions of K.S.A. 44-5,104 (the accident prevention statute) until the early spring of 2015, when responsibility for program administration came back under the Division of Workers Compensation.