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NEWS: The DigiComp planning phase is now complete. The content of this site provides a history of the discussions and actions prompting our new system. After review, we encourage you to monitor our implementation phase:

OSCAR (Online System for Claims Administration, Research and Regulation)

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Overview: The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL), Division of Workers Compensation is preparing to undergo a comprehensive digitization project over the next several years. DigiComp is the planning phase of this two phase project. DigiComp is intended to investigate the processes, needs and elements involved in several core components, including electronic data interchange for claims and policy reporting, dispute workflows, document management, alternative dispute resolution processes, and attorney electronic transactions and communications. Through the DigiComp investigative process a needs assessment will be determined which will provide the structure of the final computer system.

DigiComp is expected to take up to 24 months to complete. There are two phases, planning and implementation. The planning phase of the project will take place throughout 2015 and implementation is planned to begin 4th quarter of 2016.

Beginning January 2015 staff will gather information from colleagues in states that have already made the transformation to Internet based-services. The information obtained will feature their successes and highlight the known pitfalls to avoid. Staff will also work closely with the builders of the Kansas state court electronic filing initiative in an effort to gather the same type of information.


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