Attorneys: Notices of Hearing

Why does the division now send Notices of Hearing by email?
We know your time is important and immediate notification via email means you can begin scheduling long before the posted mail arrives each day. Emailing also helps the division by reducing its consumption of paper and expense of postage.

Each time we receive an Application for Hearing, all parties with a valid email address will receive the Notice of Hearing by email.

What does the division need to know to send me notices by email?
Once your record is established, each time the division receives an application which lists you as a party to a case you will receive a Notice of Hearing by email automatically.

If you haven’t submitted your contact information, you can do so by sending the required information below to KDOL.WCEmailAddresses@ks.gov

Required information:
  • Email address (we accept only one email address for each claimant, employer, carrier, and/or attorney)
  • Name or company’s name
  • Physical address (city, state, and zip code)
  • Phone number (including area code)
  • Your role (employer, injured employee, insurance carrier, or attorney)

Sometimes I receive a hard copy of the hearing notice and application for hearing in the mail, other times I don’t. Can you tell me why?
When an application for hearing is filed, all parties with a valid email address on file will be sent a notice of hearing electronically. The adverse party will be sent a copy of the application for hearing, either by certified mail, fax, or email or other electronic delivery method. House Bill 2134 (2011 session) amended the mailing requirement for the director of Workers Compensation to include electronic mailing of the hearing application and/or notices of hearing.

Why can’t we list more than one email address to receive email notices at our location?
To simplify and reduce the amount of update/change information received, we ask you to identify a single mailbox within your organization to receive notifications.

Why can’t you send an email notice of hearing to the employer or insurance carrier at the same time it’s mailed to the attorney?
All parties to the action should receive an email notice of hearing if an email address is on file.

I did not receive an email copy of a hearing notice. What should I do?
Call the Application unit at (785) 296-4000 and we’ll forward a duplicate copy. When you call be sure to have your email address ready so that we can match notices against the address on file.

We don’t have an email address; what will happen to our hearing notices?
In our effort to “go green,” whenever possible we prefer to use an email address. If you do not have an email address, notices will be mailed to your postal address.

What are some key points about the emailing of notices?

  • Companies with multiple offices which have a centralized site for postal and other deliveries must submit only one email address for all.
  • Companies with multiple offices which each receive their own postal and other deliveries must submit email addresses for each location.
  • If the email address you’ve enrolled changes for any reason, notify us right away.
  • If you have questions for the division's application unit you can call (785) 296-4000 or submit your questions to KDOL.WCEmailAddresses@ks.gov.