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How to file for a hearing (general): Workers Compensation Practice and Procedure Guide K-WC 14

How to file for a hearing (unrepresented): K-WC 28

If a worker and employer have a disagreement about workers compensation benefits, the division's Judicial unit provides a forum for promptly resolving the issue.

The division has 10 administrative law judges throughout the state whose primary function is to conduct timely hearings in contested workers compensation claims, and render orders based on the facts presented, as applied to the workers compensation act. For an initial determination of benefits, preliminary hearings are set on a priority basis, and preliminary decisions are issued within five days of the hearing. A list of the workers compensation administrative law judges and their contact information is available.

Also available online is a listing of the counties served by each administrative law judge, a districting map showing the areas of coverage by each judge, and a survey of attorneys who practice in front of the Workers Compensation administrative law judges and rated them on fairness, knowledge of the law and courtroom decorum.

To set a hearing before an administrative law judge, the worker or employer must file an application for hearing with the division. To download hearing application forms [K-WC E 1, E 2, E 3, E 4, E 5 or E 6], go to Hearings and Settlements Forms. For more information on hearing procedures, * The Practice and Procedure Guide will be available on Feb. 1, 2015 or contact the Ombudsman Section at (800) 332-0353 or (785) 296-4000.

Special administrative law judges conduct settlement hearings for the Division. A list of these special judges and contact information is available.

Court reporters produce transcripts of hearing proceedings.

Disputes over workers compensation benefits can also be resolved by mediation. The division has certified mediators who will, free of charge, help an injured worker and employer reach an agreement on contested issues. To arrange mediation, please contact the division at (800) 332-0353 or (785) 296-4000, option 8, then 6. For additional information, see our Mediation page. The Workers Compensation Practice and Procedure Guide will be available for download on Feb. 1, 2015.*

* This guide is being revised to reflect changes in the law effective May 15, 2011.