WorkComp Strategies, LLC

Matt Bryant

Project Consultant - Matthew "Matt" Bryant, Chief Executive of WorkComp Strategies, LLC, has been hired to lead the planning phase of the Information System Modernization Project titled, Oscar.
Matthew Bryant is principal owner of WorkComp Strategies, LLC. Matt has over 18 years of professional experience, with a focus on project management, process analysis and redesign, and strategic planning. Bryant is a licensed attorney and a certified professional project manager. Additionally he served as Director of the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission including serving as liaison to Virginia General Assembly, Commerce and Labor Committees.

As the director of the Program Management Office for the Virginia Workers Compensation from 1998 to 2010, Matt was responsible for the design and implementation of integrated Electronic Data Interchange reporting, claims management, adjudication and insurance compliance business-process and software-development projects.

Matt has an active law practice with an emphasis on general corporate matters and workers’ compensation regulatory issues. The Division has employed WorkComp Strategies LLC, lead by Matthew Bryant to assist in the planning phase. Matt and his team from WorkComp Strategies LLC, have been involved in several similar projects and will provide independent advice on selecting the right design for the new system. Matt and his team of experts have completed projects in the state of Tennessee Division of Workers Compensation (program reform project); Workers Compensation Board of Saskatchewan (claims system implementation project); Louisiana Workforce Commission (Second Injury Fund Analysis and RFP project); Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Bureau of workers Compensation (EDI analysis for claims system replacement project); the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission (system modernization project); and the Kansas Division of Workers Compensation in 2010-2011 documenting its current dispute system and working on a general digitization strategy.

Martin Erb

Senior Technical Analyst - Martin Erb is a graduate of the University of Virginia who received a Bachelor of City Planning (extended BA) with an emphasis in computer science. He has also completed post graduate courses in accounting, programming and systems analysis and design from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Martin advises and assists businesses in changing their information technology. He guides corporate leaders in providing service stability and flexibility to enable growth and profitability. Martin also provides information technology management best practices education and helps to direct product development.

Erb is Senior Technical Analyst for WorkComp Strategies, LLC.

Alan Stitzer

Senior Management Consultant - Alan Stitzer joined WorkComp Strategies late in 2016, Alan Stitzer has been an integral part of numerous projects with different states.

Prior to joining WorkComp Strategies, he was with ACORD as the Director of Global Development. Under his direction, the ACORD team introduced and managed the development of new data standards for the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South Africa insurance markets.

Additionally, as part of Stitzers’ work with ACORD, he was responsible for the design of ACORD XML for Workers’ Compensation. He worked closely with the IAIABC and the State of Kansas to implement the nation’s first FROI/SROI in XML.

Through his global network, he’s helped implement standards and save the international insurance industry billions of dollars. His certifications in Property and Casualty and ACORD Messaging Library have furthered his ability to program standards for life insurance and pensions.

Aside from his insurance expertise, Stitzer is also an avid martial artist, studying Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate.