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The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL), Workers Compensation Division has spent the last two years preparing to undergo a comprehensive digitization project. This project is being completed in two phases: planning (DigiComp) and implementation. DigiComp, the planning phase, was completed in October of 2016 with the selection and hiring of a vendor, CapTech Ventures, Inc., to build the new workers compensation system. Continue to monitor this webpage for updates.

OSCAR Update – March 2017

The staff has been very busy since the OSCAR Project kicked off. CapTech’s and WorkComp Strategies’ staff have either been working from their home offices or at the Topeka Kansas Department of Labor’s Workers Compensation (WC) offices. Through their communications with the WC staff, the venders have continued to gain knowledge of our processes, current procedures, and future needs.

The meetings between venders and staff included reviews of requirements, documents and conversations with the subject matter experts (SMEs) over the work flow and needs of their units. From these meetings, CapTech staff have created user stories which are currently being refined. These user stories will be the building blocks of the system. CapTech is determining a grouping (track) of the user stories and the tracks will be placed in a systematic order. You can think of tracks as mini projects. It is projected that there will be a total of 14 tracks. Tracks one, two and three have been slotted for the Ombudsman, Fraud and Abuse, and Elections. It is estimated that the scope definition of the first three tracks should be completed by the end of March. A scope definition details all the work that will be required to create the product. The remaining tracks will be assigned as the project progresses.

There was also a great deal of discussion on the User Experiences (UX) and User Interactions ((UI) with the system. User Experiences (UX) are how the system will look, while User Interactions (UI) are how individuals will use or interact with the system. CapTech has also created mock ups of some of the web pages. These mock ups are used to show how data will be organized on a web page.

The OSCAR SharePoint which is a secure place to store, organize and share information about OSCAR has been developed. In the near future, all of the workers compensation staff will have access to OSCAR updates via the OSCAR SharePoint.

The OSCAR Communications Team will continue to provide monthly updates of the status of the project and details regarding the new system. We welcome any questions or input, which can be sent to kdol.oscar@ks.gov.