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The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL), Workers Compensation Division has spent the last two years preparing to undergo a comprehensive digitization project. This project is being completed in two phases: planning (DigiComp) and implementation. DigiComp, the planning phase, was completed in October of 2016 with the selection and hiring of a vendor, CapTech Ventures, Inc., to build the new workers compensation system. Continue to monitor this webpage for updates.

OSCAR Update – August 2017

The OSCAR and Lorax Projects are running on schedule. Throughout the month of August the OSCAR staff held meetings in Topeka and Lenexa with external stakeholders to obtain feedback on Track 5. Track 5 is the first Track for the judicial section. Claimant and respondent paralegals provided feedback on the calendaring and scheduling functions, while claimant and respondent attorneys, along with Workers Compensation’s administrative law judges (ALJs), provided feedback on various judicial concepts.

Track 2, Fraud and Abuse, has been delivered and accepted. Track 3, which covers Elections, is wrapping up its functional testing. CapTech has assigned specific user stories for Track 4 to the Kansas Department of Labor’s (KDOL) IT programmers. This will be the first Track that KDOL programmers will assist in developing. Track 4 is for Coverage and Compliance.

BTCO, a Wichita digitization company, has completed scanning the first grouping of dockets. Several staff members will be reviewing a predetermined percentage of the scanned images against the original paper documents to verify the images have been scanned appropriately and the files named correctly.

The OSCAR Communications Team will continue to provide monthly updates of the status of the project and details regarding the new system. We welcome any questions or input, which can be sent to kdol.oscar@ks.gov.