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The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL), Workers Compensation Division has spent the last two years preparing to undergo a comprehensive digitization project. This project is being completed in two phases: planning (DigiComp) and implementation. DigiComp, the planning phase, was completed in October of 2016 with the selection and hiring of a vendor, CapTech Ventures, Inc., to build the new workers compensation system. Continue to monitor this webpage for updates.

OSCAR Update – September 2017

In the month of September CapTech and WorkComp Strategies spent time on site working at the Topeka and Lenexa office. In the beginning of the month User Acceptance Testing (UAT) was completed on Track 3 (Elections). Track 4 is in the development phase that will focus on the FROI/SROI’s and compliance. Track 5 begin the development phase.

During the month of September CapTech Nicolette Lerch and Tim Fite along with WorkComp Strategies Matt Bryant presented at the 43rd annual seminar during the general session to provide update on the OSCAR project for the attorneys attending the seminar. The presentation centered on how the legal community would be interacting with OSCAR and open questions were submitted by the audience during the presentation. We will be posting those questions and answers in the near future.

Lorax has continued to work on quality assurance for 2011 and 2012. The 2011 quality assurance have been completed. The preparation for the 2012 boxes have been finished and have been scheduled for pick up on September 19th.

The OSCAR Communications Team will continue to provide monthly updates of the status of the project and details regarding the new system. We welcome any questions or input, which can be sent to kdol.oscar@ks.gov.