Rehabilitation Section

Qualified Rehabilitation Provider List

Vocational rehabilitation services are designed to help an injured worker return to work. This can be with the pre-injury employer or a new employer and either the same job or a different job. The first step to obtain vocational rehabilitation services is to ask your workers compensation insurance adjuster or your employer. Vocational rehabilitation is strictly voluntary on the part of the workers compensation insurance carrier or employer.

If the adjuster agrees to provide this service, a Qualified Rehabilitation Professional (QRP), who works for a Qualified Rehabilitation Provider, will be assigned to you. These individuals (QRPs) and companies have been approved by the Kansas Division of Workers Compensation as meeting the educational, work experience and other essential criteria set forth by the state of Kansas. The insurance adjuster or employer may request that a vocational assessment and/or a rehabilitation plan be developed for you. A vocational assessment will help you and your QRP identify job skills that you can transfer to other types of work, your physical and/or mental restrictions, your ability to return to work with your pre-injury employer and your need for a rehabilitation plan. A rehabilitation plan identifies an appropriate vocational goal and the services needed to obtain that type of work. The plan also spells out your responsibilities and those of the QRP in reaching your vocational goal. All parties must agree to the plan for job placement or re-education/training before the specific services can begin.

If you need vocational rehabilitation assistance and your insurance adjuster or employer has declined this service, another option may be available to you. The Division of Workers Compensation Rehabilitation Section will refer you to the vocational rehabilitation agency for the state you live in. This agency provides services that may result in employment for those who possess various physical, mental or emotional disabilities. You may request this service by contacting us at (785) 296-4000 or email kdol.wc@ks.gov. We will send you a packet of information. Please complete the forms and return to us at the address provided.

You may direct questions about vocational rehabilitation services, qualifications to be a vocational rehabilitation professional/provider and other related questions to (785) 296-4000 or email kdol.wc@ks.gov.

Kansas Vocational Rehabilitation Statutes and Regulations