Coverage Verification Service Usage Data

Usage Interpretation

The User Count is the number of times any user separately linked to the site in a given month. The Search Count is the number of times the user conducted an initial search. Employer Details Provided is the number of times the user clicks on a different link in the initial search results. Claims Processing Info Searches is the number of times the user clicks on a link to obtain contact information for the claims processor.

Gaps in the counts are due to system upgrades or software update issues.

Usage data is obtained from the host of the Coverage Verification Service (CVS) search site. For assistance with verifying workers compensation coverage in Kansas, call the Kansas Department of Labor, Division of Workers Compensation, Coverage and Compliance, at (785) 296-4000.

Beginning in December 2014, the host of the CVS search site implemented the Workers Compensation Coverage Verification (WCCV) mobile app version of the CVS web application. See our Verify Coverage page for more information on the mobile apps available. The mobile app stats are now displayed separately in the second chart above as part of the monthly usage report. For WCCV, we will provide counts for the number of searches performed and the number of times employer details were requested. For CVS, we will continue to provide the same monthly usage information as before.