Technology & Statistics Section

Annual Reports 2001 to Current

The Technology and Statistics section is responsible for delivering workers compensation information to the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL), the legislature and the general public through annual statistical reports, a website, annual seminars and reports from research studies and evaluations. This unit functions as database administrator and is closely involved with the division's information systems. The Information Services division of the KDOL continues to maintain and manage the Workers Compensation's information technology artifacts.

Specifically, this unit is responsible for research studies mandated by statute, including studies of closed claims and the effectiveness of the Workers Compensation Act. The staff also respond to individual research requests from both internal and external customers, performing survey instrument research design, data collection, statistical analysis and reporting.

Technology and Statistics maintains several data marts of workers compensation claims information on work-related injuries and occupational illnesses in the state of Kansas. Unit staff, in conjunction with the Information Services division of KDOL, works to maintain and enhance the database to ensure data integrity and accuracy for both the division's administrative and statistical needs. In addition, the unit launched and continues to manage all content for the division's web pages located on the KDOL website.

The Technology and Statistics unit also administers the division's statutory Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) program. EDI is an electronic method for insurance carriers and self-insured employers to report work-related injuries, occupational illnesses and workers compensation claims costs data by utilizing the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions' (IAIABC) national data standard. The program went into production in November 2003. By the close of fiscal year 2005 more than 40 trading partners, sending on behalf of more than 200 insurance carriers and self-insured employers, were sending first and subsequent reports of injury to the division via EDI.

The unit has also worked with insurance carriers, the division's Coverage and Compliance unit, the Information Services division and the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) to implement three innovations in proof of coverage reporting and information access. First, at the end of FY2005 the division launched a new web-based coverage verification service which allows external users access to coverage information over the website. Second, in April of 2005, the unit led the launching of a new digital data exchange between the division and insurers. The unit worked with all internal stakeholders to create a proof of coverage data warehouse that makes digitally submitted reports available to other units.

The unit's latest major project has been to assist division-wide in the implementation of a document imaging process in order to consolidate, by means of electronic storage, as much of the division's data as possible. This data is accessible via the division's production database screens. Technology and Statistics staff also provide training of other staff on creating imaged document files and accessing the database to retrieve them. As with other claims records in the database, the unit is responsible for ensuring the system is performing as intended and preparing work orders for system maintenance.