Employer Handbook
A guide to the Kansas Employment Security Law

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Rated governmental employers will soon be receiving notice of
benefit charges electronically and on a quarterly basis through the SIDES system! 



If you already have a username and password, log in to do any of the following:

  • View your current tax rate (click on Maintain Account Information)
  • Submit quarterly wage reports - How to File
  • Upload data files
  • Use Payment Warehousing to set a payment date
  • Make a payment at any time
  • Report new hires
  • Report changes to your business
  • Get copies of past filings and reports
  • Use SIDES to enter requested information

SIDES Participation
The State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) and SIDES E-Response allow companies to electronically respond to UI information requests from KDOL. This eliminates delays caused by mailing the documents. Once you are enrolled in SIDES you can use your Employer PIN to access the SIDES site. 


How to File Quarterly Wage Reports Online

Qtr Months in Quarter  Last Day to File 
Jan - Mar  Apr 30 
Apr - Jun  Jul 31 
Jul - Sep  Oct 31 
Oct - Dec  Jan 31 


Information for Schools and Organizations Working Within Schools

by Audri Smith | May 17, 2019

Individuals working in or for a school may not be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits during breaks or in between terms.  Federal and state law both have specific provisions for these types of workers. The KDOL website includes FAQ guides that answer questions like:

  • who is considered a school employee,
  • what is reasonable assurance and
  • how is eligibility determined 

Access this information for employers at: https://www.getkansasbenefits.gov/FAQs/Employers.aspx 

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