New Hire Frequently Asked Questions

About the Law

  • Are labor unions and hiring halls required to report?

  • Is anyone exempt from this law?

  • Who must be reported?

  • Who must report?

  • What is the new hire law?

Basics of New Hire Reporting

  • Why do we need new hire reporting?

  • How often must I report?

  • What information must I report?

  • How do I report?

  • Where do I report new hires?

  • How will the information be used?

Common Employer Questions


You can report new hires electronically after you log on to the Employer site and select Enter New Hire Information. You can also mail this file on a CD-ROM.

Commonly used forms for reporting New Hire information:
New Hire Reporting Form (K-CNS 436) – print and mail or fax
W-4 form (IRS)

The New Hire Report Form is fillable. To submit, print and mail or fax the form to:

Kansas New Hire Directory
P.O. Box 3510
Topeka, KS 66601

Fax - (888) 219-7798