Program Administrator Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Shared Work Program?

The Shared Work Program from the Kansas Department of Labor provides employers with an alternative to layoffs.

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The Shared Work Program is designed to help both employers and employees.

Shared Work can help employees:
  • keep their current job.
  • avoid a financial crisis.
  • keep benefits such as health insurance.

Under the program, employers reduce the total number of hours that employees work. Employees can then receive partial unemployment benefits for the number of hours their workweek was reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions for Program Administrators

  • What are an employer's responsibilities under the Shared Work Program?

  • Do employees need to file unemployment claims?

  • How will employees receive their unemployment benefits?

  • Do employees need to look for other work in order to receive unemployment benefits?

  • What should an employer do if an employee hasn't received their unemployment benefits?

  • Can employees work for another employer participating in the Shared Work Program?

  • Will participation affect an employer's unemployment tax rate?

Where can I learn more?

Go to the Shared Work web page at
for more information, including Amelia, our always-on chatbot.

You can also email us at
or contact us by phone at (785) 291-6132 or by fax at (785) 296-1858

or by mail at:
Kansas Department of Labor - Shared Work Program
401 SW Topeka Blvd.
Topeka, KS 66603-3182

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