Upload Your Quarterly Wage Report and Unemployment Tax Return Online

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Employers can upload Quarterly Wage Reports, Unemployment Tax Returns and tax payments electronically to the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL).

Electronic file upload for wage and tax information has many benefits for employers.

  • Cost Savings - This service is offered free of charge. This eliminates employer expense for magnetic media, printing, mailing and labor costs.
  • Time Savings - A response from KDOL will be returned almost immediately following submission.
  • Better Error Reporting - Real time reports are returned to the submitter giving details about any problems.
  • Better Security - Files uploaded to the KDOL website are securely transferred using 128 bit encryption.

Services Offered:

Wage Detail: Employers have two options for submitting wage detail through the file upload to KDOL. This process does not require an additional Quarterly Wage Report submission. All the totals for the Quarterly Wage Report will be computed by KDOL.

Internet - Employers who want to upload formatted wage files, but do not want to build a custom client can submit wage files through the KDOL website. Employers cannot automate the submission process if they use the internet to send wage information. An individual must log on to the KansasEmployer.gov website and upload the desired file.


  1. Employer must be registered with the KansasEmployer.gov website. The registration process is online and can be done in real time.
  2. You must be able to format your wage data to the required file specifications.


  1. Employer builds a properly formatted Wage File containing data for the employer or employers they wish to submit.
  2. Log on or register with the KDOL website (done in real time with no waiting period).
  3. Choose to upload a Wage Detail File.
  4. Browse for the formatted file on your local computer.
  5. Choose to upload the file.
  6. Confirm file details.
  7. Submit the data.

Employers will have the option to upload a payment file to KDOL. Uploaded payment data will be processed as electronic checks. This will significantly cut employer cost for printing and mailing checks to KDOL.

Rate Inquiry: Employers or Third Party Administrators who need to get Employer Experience Ratings can use the Rate Inquiry Service to upload a properly formatted file. The same file will be returned to the Employer or Third Party Administrator that submitted it populated with the experience ratings requested.

Web service - Employers who want to automate the process of submitting wage details files to KDOL can use the Web service function.


  1. Employers must be able to format the wage data to the required file specifications.
  2.  Employers must be capable of building a SOAP based client to interface with KDOL's Web service.


  1. Employer downloads the WSDL file or gets the interface description.
  2. Employer builds custom Web service client to interface with KDOL Web service.
  3. Employer submits valid Wage Detail File using Web service client.
  4. Employer retrieves status using Web service client.
  5. If status is 'Submitted', the valid wages can then be committed by the client. If status is 'DataValidationFailed', no records can be committed. The client can use 'GetUploadDetail' method to determine invalid wages that need to be corrected and resubmitted.
  6. Employer retrieves the status using the Web service client.
  7. Status should now be 'Committed'.

File Specifications:

We will accept files in the following formats:

Wage Detail File
MMREF-1 Technical Specification
NASWA Technical Specification

Payment Technical Specification

Rate Inquiry
Rate Inquiry Technical Specification

Detailed Return File (downloaded when GetUploadDetail method is called)
Detailed Return Technical Specification