My Reemployment Plan

My Reemployment Plan (MRP) program helps connect Kansans to job opportunities through one-on-one assistance with workforce service professionals in their local area. Individuals who receive unemployment benefits are required to enroll in the program to remain eligible for benefits. 

NOTE: Only those notified via email will need to complete the MRP enrollment.  Claimants that receive three weeks of benefits will be enrolled.

Enrollment in MRP

Claimants receiving unemployment insurance (UI) through the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) MAY BE required to complete the following steps within fourteen (14) days of being notified of MRP eligibility: 

Step One: Log into your account  To log into your KANSASWORKS account you will need to use the username and password on your notification email.

NOTE: DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. If you do not have access to your notification email with your username and password, you MUST contact KANSASWORKS. Failure to use the account in your notification email will affect your UI benefits.

Step Two: Create or Upload your resume to The resume must be published so employers can find you.

Step Three: Complete the Job Plan which can be found in your account.

Completion of the enrollment process is mandatory and reportable by KANSASWORKS. Failure to comply with the requirements will be reported to KDOL, which will result in a denial of UI benefits.

All questions regarding MRP must be addressed to KANSASWORKS. 

NOTE: Please do not call the UI Contact Center. Phone representatives at the KDOL Contact Center are unable to assist with MRP compliance or completion.


KANSASWORKS partners with several other agencies from our state to assist job seekers, employers and training specialists. They operate many local workforce centers in communities across Kansas.

Workforce Centers
By visiting a local workforce center, you can receive assistance with creating an effective resume, tips on interviewing, salary negotiation, browse job openings in your area, discover training opportunities, receive help with job search activities and more. 

Department of Commerce
Visit for instructional videos and workbooks on creating an MRP account, resume building and searching for a job