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Bank of America Closing Topeka Locations

by Audri Smith | Jul 01, 2019

We are aware that the Bank of America Financial Centers located in Topeka will be closed as of the end of next month. While these locations will be permanently closed, there will still be three ATM locations remaining.
The remaining ATMs are located at:

  • Dillon's Plaza (910 NW 25th St.)
  • West Ridge Plaza (2100 SW Wanamaker)
  • Stormont Vail Healthcare (1500 SW 10th St.)

Claimants who receive their unemployment benefits on the Unemployment Debit Card will still be able to access their funds by:

  • Making purchases through signature or PIN-based transactions
  • Getting cash back at store point-of-sale locations
  • Withdrawing funds from an eligible fee-free ATM, as identified by Bank of America
  • Transferring funds to your personal bank account through Bank of America
  • Obtaining cash through bank tellers at any MasterCard-member bank

We also offer a Direct Deposit option for obtaining your unemployment benefits. Claimants can easily set up their direct deposit payments by logging into their unemployment account on our website.

For more information on the Unemployment Debit Card or how to set up Direct Deposit payments, go to https://www.getkansasbenefits.gov/FAQs.aspx

You can also find Bank of America locations and hours on their website at https://locators.bankofamerica.com/ks/topeka/


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  4. J. David Welch | Oct 06, 2019
     Very annoyed, as we have banked with them, as a military family, all around Europe and the US for 30+ years.  We have already closed out numerous accounts, CD's, 401k with them.  Very unprofessional.
  5. Curtis Eatmon | Sep 16, 2019
    Im very disappointed with boa
  6. Todd | Sep 11, 2019
    They did leave 3 ATMs, but they changed them so you cannot make a cash or check deposit at the ATM any longer.  So BOA did not tell the whole story in July when announcing the branch shut downs.  Got to go to Lawrence now for closest ATM you can make deposits.
  7. Brenda Dyer | Sep 07, 2019
    Makes you wonder if eventually the ATM's will close soon after?  How convenient will one bank in Lawrence be for the entire surrounding areas.  Everyone does not like online banking or talking to a recording. What happened to face to face customer service. Very disappointed as I have been banking with BOA for a long time. 
  8. Stephanie Dean | Sep 04, 2019
    I can't believe B of A would close all branches in Topeka, the capital of Kansas and leave one open in Lawrence 20 miles away. If I need to withdraw a large amount, can I do it from the only ATM left in the local hospital? Glad we still have an account at a local credit union, otherwise we'd be screwed.
  9. Barbara A. Timmons | Sep 04, 2019

    I will clocse my account with B.O.A. pray for all



  10. J Gardner | Sep 01, 2019
    BOA closes Topeka banks.  I will close my accounts with BOA

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