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The CARES Act has been signed into law to provide an additional $600 to eligible recipients of unemployment insurance and a benefit to those not traditionally eligible for unemployment insurance such as self-employed workers, independent contractors, etc.  We have begun the process of planning to implement these vital programs.  However, those benefits are not available at this time as we await finalized guidance from the federal government. Once we receive the federal guidance we will provide regular updates regarding when these benefit programs will be available and what impacted workers need to do to receive them.

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Unemployment Insurance and COVID-19 FAQs

by Audri Smith | Mar 16, 2020

If you are not working or working reduced hours due to COVID-19, you may be eligible for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits.

The UI program was established as a means to protect those who are involuntarily unemployed from the financial burdens and dangers that come with being unemployed. It is designed to be a short-term assistance program and may be able to help those whose employment has been adversely impacted by COVID-19.

Find the list of frequently asked questions here.


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  1. Brac | Apr 04, 2020

    what if we need to leave work due to covid-19 school closures. The PUA states those caring for children due to school closures are Eligible?

  2. BONNIE L REED | Apr 04, 2020
     why is my 1st week a wait week when I was laid off due to covid-19
  3. Timothy Hoose | Apr 04, 2020
    Is it a one time $600 or is that the weekly amount?
  4. Murphy | Apr 04, 2020
    Off 2 weeks can not get thru to unemployment office.  Will I lose those 2 weeks? I can not complete claim online and have to speak to a person.  Tried everyday for 3 weeks.  Thousands are applying but no one get get answers or reach the office.  Something needs to be done immediately.
  5. Dennis Giibs | Apr 03, 2020

    I am a 40+yr. barber. I have been unable to complete the unimployment benefits application for self-

    imployed because it asks for previous employers and will not let me continue  I feel that an update on this 

    matter would answer a lot of questions for barbers, stylists, physical therapists and others applying for

    benefits.  It would "GREATLY REDUCE THE CALL LOAD" coming in to the center!!  THANK YOU for your

    attention to this matter!!!  Dennis Gibbs




  6. Prayers to all.......... | Apr 03, 2020
    Wanted to share my"luck" today and hopefully help as I was having a hard time with getting my application to go through ............I tried the ph#800-292-6333 starting at 8am and tried all day BUT I finally did get through and was on hold for 2 1/2 hrs......but I did talk with a "Cynthia" at 4:28pm and she was SO nice and helpful.  She helped me with my question (I got a invalid verification code.....on my online application) and I asked her about if a SELF EMPLOYED person who did not pay into unemployment could apply for unemployment due to covid-19.  She said that they were suppose to and go ahead and apply even though they don't have the "go ahead" right now......they are expecting it soon.  So like I said.....hope this help.  I was a mess when I got the email last night about the invalid code......I think I might be able to sleep tonight.  Good Luck and God Bless............stay safe....stay healthy.
  7. Chiaki Wirt | Apr 03, 2020
    Does the weekly benefit amount include the additional $600 on the determination, or is that added later?
  8. Chris | Apr 03, 2020
    I had a job lined up and was due to start April 1st, but that all changed because of recent events. I have read were you can get unemployment if you have secured a job but now cannot work due to COVID-19. Is this true?
  9. Lillylou | Apr 03, 2020

    I am self-employed and receieved a denial letter       showing you can’t verify my income. Are you guys    not verifying income through taxes? I don’t              understand how trump expanding unemployment      benefits to those who are self-employed is supposed  to cover us if we’re simply going to be denied! I’m a  single mother and this is certainly no time for           creating additional red tape. If you’re not going to     honor the President’s orders, then at least provide mewith a job. 

  10. Wanda F Hendry | Apr 03, 2020
    i have tried online to retrieve a previous username and password. received both through my email. tried to login said they were invalid and locked my acct. now i am suppoae to speak to customer service. we all know the phone system is a joke. maybe work should say its only for first timers.
  11. Austein Jackson | Apr 03, 2020
    I received my paperwork in the mail today and it only has the max amount i get for Kansas. Does it not show the additional 600 we get on the paper?
  12. Ann | Apr 03, 2020
     If an employee makes too much to draw unemployment for a given week, does it affect the receipt of the $600?  Is the $600 sent regardless of the week to week actual unemployment payment?
  13. Donna Picard | Apr 03, 2020
    I have not yet received my benefits from last week that I usually get on Wednesday or Thursday. I always get a busy signal no matter what time or number I csll. Also, I''m having trouble accessing the website. I do believe I may need to reset my user nsme and password and its iot letting me do that.
  14. The yellow brick road | Apr 03, 2020
    If I got laid off for Covid 19, but got unemployment last year, do I still qualify for unemployment now, since this isn't my fault?
  15. Nonyourbusiness | Apr 03, 2020
    I am a self employed massage therapist and have had to close my business because of Covid.  I applied for unemployment and was denied because no money in the fund.  So I guess in order to feed my family I will have to illegally open my non essential business.  Thanks for looking after your people as usual Kansas...what a great state smh
  16. Confused | Apr 02, 2020

    I am trying to fill out an application because my hours have been severely reduced, from 40 to 4 per week. I am still employed, therefore when the application asks for last working date and reason for leaving, there is no way to answer those as still employed, applying due to reduced hours. What am I supposed to put in those boxes?



  17. Liz | Apr 02, 2020
    I got through today after 9 days of attempt on the 9135963500 number.  TRY THIS NUMBER 785-575-1460. Good luck everyone and stay safe and healthy!
  18. Laurie Anne Hein | Apr 02, 2020
    This is unbelievable, I filed out the form on-line, wrote a letter stating I am self employed. Actually have some Covid symptoms, told to stay home by a health care provider. Thought I was going to be able to benefit from the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) which I desperately need and got a form letter back from the State of Kansas saying I didn't qualify for Unemployment Insurance. Come on Kansas, you had to know that this PUA was critical to the self employed and you can't even put something on the website stating "you're working on it" or "We don't care", Anything?
  19. Tami M Cook | Apr 02, 2020

    This is utterly ridiculous!  Our state government knew this was coming.  Why haven't they prepared for the spike in unemployment?  They should have hired more people to man phones or some how got more lines available.  I tried for 8 hours today to no luck!

    There is no email available which would probably answer a lot of peoples questions so they wouldn't have to call.

    Think Kansas,  If you want to help your citizens then let's get the job done.

    I have had a simple question to ask and I have found no answer on the website or on any Google search I have tried.  So I filed for unemployment and got a letter today about my possible benefits.  The application was terribly confusing and I know for a fact my possible benefit amount is WAY to HIGH!

    I applied for the part time job I have that because of COVID 19 we are currently closed.  I do have a full time job and am currently getting paid.  I originally thought I wouldn't qualify for any amount of unemployment because i still have my full time job.  I depended on that part time job also as part of my living expenses payment.

    So how do I get this straightened out?  For some reason the person who checked over my application didn't read it correctly.  I am a school teacher also but we are teaching from home online and still receiving our pay.  The KDOL for some reason added in my school income when calculating my benefits.  I marked that I was STILL working.

    Very Frustrated

  20. Monica | Apr 02, 2020
    my benefits were exhausted as of mid march how do i get an extension or continue receiving benefits during this time of covid? 
  21. Krystle M Gibson | Apr 02, 2020
    I filed since my hrs are reduced from the covid 19 and said I reached my max allowed for the yr and havebt even filed for unemployment before.  And now I'm completely laid off from the covid 19 and wont let me do a claim at all for it. And all the numbers have a busy number. I cant reach anyone to get this fixed. 
  22. MB | Apr 02, 2020

    I have been calling the phone number since Friday 3/27/2020 and it has been busy. Ive called at 8:00 am right when the office opens and said the phone number has been blocked or its    
    busy. The phone line has been busy since Friday. I am in the restaurant industry and my job was closed down indefinitely and I was told that due to losing my job because of COVID 19 I    
    wouldn’t have to wait the week long period. Applied for my benefits and didnt get paid becauae it was the mandatory week waiting period and filed for this week and it says i got paid but i never received the payment  how do I find 

    someone to help me?

  23. Please help | Apr 02, 2020

    Recently put on furlough and do not qualifyfor regular unemployment benefits.    I      was self-employeed from 2014-2019.     I have filed for unemployment and I will continue to make weekly claims.    If this Pandemic Unemployement Insurance Bill passesdo I apply for it separately or will my unemployment claim work to receive benefits?  

  24. Jackie Correia | Apr 02, 2020
    I filled out my application wrong and indicated that I was on a leave of absence when i was actually furloughed. The system wont let me go back and change it so i have to wait a week for an interview? Is there any other way to correct this?
  25. Brooke Corcoran | Apr 02, 2020
    Wondering if unemployment can be filed if we are a salary employee yet had to take a salary reduction due to Covid-19? I have applied for benefits but there isn't any where to ask specific questions and the phone numbers are not going through at this time. 
  26. Marion T | Apr 02, 2020

    how true is this???? I cant live off of 185 a week!!!!


    Also note that the $600 is paid retroactively. Payments are effective starting with the week ending 4/5/20. So, if it takes your state UI agency until mid-April to actually start the payments, they will be retroactive back to 4/5/20. The $600 only applies to those who are receiving unemployment benefits. If your state said that you don’t qualify for UI, then you do

  27. Tammy Anderson | Apr 02, 2020

    Have questions on this srlf employment unemployment page, want to fill it out right the first time 

    Thank you

  28. Tammy Anderson | Apr 02, 2020

    i have a few questions on my sheet on self employed unemployment, i i eant to be able to fill this out correctly the first time, si could i get to talk to someone about this!? We need guidance here. 

    Thank you

  29. Dave | Apr 01, 2020

    This is crazy for a government agency that tax payers pay, is not working around the clock at this time to get peoples questions answered.

    No email to ask specific questions.

    Can't get through on any of the phone numbers.

    The KS administration has known about what was going to happen with closing down everything and should have been preparing for the pandemic moment we are all in. I understand the magnitude of people filing but, the KS administration should have been prepared. They still get paid. They are supposed to work for the people.

    I to think what it would be like in an emergency worst than this one.

  30. Kim | Apr 01, 2020
    If employed by a non-profit that does not pay into unemployment (because they aren't legally obligated to do so); and I was furloughed by my employer will I under the Covid-19 situtation be able to get unemployment benefits? 
  31. jjlittrell | Apr 01, 2020
    I was terminated by my employer at the end of December, and I started getting unemployment within the first few weeks of January.  I have not been able to find employment, and most businesses are not interviewing right now.  Are my benefits going to be extended?  I have until the end of April before my unemployment ends.
  32. Jill | Apr 01, 2020
    Has anyone gotten any answer yet about how to claim as self-employed? I started the application, but it asks for employer information.
  33. Amanda Goodson | Apr 01, 2020
    how long will it take to get the 600 extra is it only full time employees or is it for anyone who is approved?
  34. Jonathan pinkston | Apr 01, 2020

    when will we receive the extra 600 per week?  I haven't heard anything yet.  Being patient doesn't go far when nobody from the office is telling anybody nothing.  There is alot of angry people and its getting worse.  Its not my fault that i was laid off because of the cod-19.  Can you guys tell me when everything will come together? 


    Thank you.

  35. Brenda Rhoades | Apr 01, 2020

    I am also unsure of how to complete application. After 20 + years I tried retiring from massage therapy but was unable to secure steady employment. I did work a little and had W2s for 2019.

    At the end of 2019 I secured a massage therapy license so I could work in that field again. I have been working since the beginning of the year as contract labor for a spa. I will receive a 1099 at the end of the year. 

    How do I apply? The application only allows me enter the jobs I worked in 2019 during the period I was not self employed. I do have pay stubs from the business I was most recently working for.

  36. SE | Apr 01, 2020
    Hello. I submitted the online application and mailed in the self employed form. I checked the box that it was a Coronavirus claim. Under the CARE bill passed by congress, under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance section, that extends benefits to gig workers, contractors and others who wouldn't otherwise qualify for unemployment compensation but cannot work due to the coronavirus emergency, it grants $600 per week, plus half the average unemployment benefit in a given state. The federal aid coming to Kansas for this, once sent, to fund this - the system does not appear to yet have been overhauled to properly process or categorize the claims from self employed people. Will the State soon be going back to review the claims checked as self employed, who mailed in the form for self employed, that qualifies for the federal aid? Or will there be a new form or new process we need to file. I could not find any information on the website that clarifies how we are to go about this or what the process is to proceed. Please post a news release on the directions, as many on here are having the same questions. Understandable that the state is being flooded with claims, the sooner the applications can be processed the better, as the sudden loss of income is a big shock. Thank you. 
  37. Rebecca | Apr 01, 2020
    i tried filing as i am a massage therapist and can no longer work. I got so far on application then it wouldnt let me complete
  38. Ernie | Mar 31, 2020
    Search for this article from 41 Action News, titled "Having trouble applying for unemployment? KS Dept. of Labor says answers are on the way." Apparently, stuff is still being figured out.
  39. PR | Mar 31, 2020
    Where is the self-employment enrollment or info -- filled out and now hitting a wall.
  40. Jennifer Hoskins | Mar 31, 2020
    how do I talk to someone about resetting my login info
  41. Lissa | Mar 31, 2020

    I found this on the website:


    Can I apply for unemploymentif I am self-employed?

    Potentially, yes. If you have worked for an employer who pays unemployment taxes in the last 18 months, you may be eligible. We encourage you to apply. Our staff will determine whether or not you have sufficient insured earnings to support a claim for unemployment benefits.

    Does that make any sense to anyone?  

  42. Mel | Mar 31, 2020
    Has anyone received any answers on the self employment denials yet?
  43. Misha Porter | Mar 31, 2020
    Lmao, the whole Kansas City self employed now😂😂😂😂
  44. Shannon | Mar 31, 2020
    self employed here. Why are you denying our claims when you have recieved federal funding and we are suppose to be able to recieve $600 per week until we can congregate with our customers again
  45. Kathy | Mar 30, 2020
    Have been trying to complete my Covid 19 self employment claim but it will not allow for self employment on the online questions. Please help!
  46. PAT | Mar 30, 2020
    Hairdresser for 38 years . Self employed  filled out the online process.  An also mailed in my sel employed  paper . Received a letter today  that shows I've been declined ....WOW ... 
  47. Alyssa | Mar 30, 2020
    i have filled out the form to have my account unlocked for about a week now and have had not heard from anyone. How long does it take foryou to get back to us?
  48. Kristie | Mar 30, 2020
    Needing help. Its impossible to complete the online benefits application for a 35yr + self employed Hairstylist. Where are the updates to you enrollment process. 
  49. Lisa | Mar 30, 2020
    where do we find answers?
  50. Jenna K Springer | Mar 30, 2020
    I am self-employed and now unemployed due the COVID-19 pandemic. I completed an application and faxed in the two documents that were requested. I am unable to file a weekly claim though. Have a completed the process correctly? When should I hear back about what benefits I will receive?

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