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KDOL begins accepting PUA applications online at www.PUA.GetKansasBenefits.gov

by Audri Smith | May 12, 2020

Kansas Secretary of Labor Delía García confirmed that Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) began accepting applications this morning. PUA is part of the CARES Act and runs from Jan. 27, 2020, through Dec. 26, 2020. If approved for PUA, you will also receive the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) additional $600 weekly payments. FPUC runs from March 29 through July 25, 2020, when you receive weekly unemployment benefits

Apply online at https://pua.getkansasbenefits.gov/.

Read more here.


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  1. Jennifer Pantoja | Oct 01, 2020
    I spoke with someone in the PUA Departments a few weeks ago, she said that since I applied for such a small amount it should be deposited soon, well i was hoping for the end of the month so i can buy my car tags, now i worry about getting a ticket. When will this money be given to all of us!? 
  2. Taran Bruening | Sep 25, 2020
    I filed for PUA in June and in 4 days or so I received a letter asking for more self employment income documentation. I sent it in before the required due date and that was the last I've heard of any of it. I'm still under review. I can't contact anyone within the unemployment office due to high call volume. I am drowning here. What do I do?
  3. Janet Anderson | Sep 24, 2020
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  4. Jessica | Sep 24, 2020
    When u call the fastest way to get through for PUA is to hit one for English then 6 for info on PUA.... after they say all the info you will put in your social and hit 4... you will either get to input a number for a PUA specialist or get transferred right away... fastest way to get on.
  5. Alana Diaz | Sep 24, 2020
    Hello. I submitted a claim for regular ui in the beginning of August and was denied then I submitted a vlaim for PUA and its been almost 7 weeks with nothing more than my weekly benefitamount IF I am approved. It’s been impossible to reach KDOL customer service no matter what time I call. I just wish I knew something more regarding this unemployment matter. 
  6. Ella Patricia Elam | Sep 19, 2020
    I been. Waiting since March for my unemployment benefits first i was told i. Had penalty on my claim because of a fraud mater which I paid the penalty was for five years the I was told to file for pua and the pua program said I was approved and I get a call from a person name Abrilgile Disman saying. They couldn't release my benefits because of a block on my account from Kansas so she said where going to work on.it to try to get unblock I seen the other day that a senitor Hildebrand has contacted Govenor kelly about this matter and that Govenor. Kelley was going reverse this problem because of being laid off I'm behind in my car payments and can't register my car and and behind any other bills as well. Can someone please contact me about this problem. Thank you Ella Elam my email address is elamella668@gmail.com. And my phone # 913-957-3342
  7. Dustin B | Sep 19, 2020
    I Filed a original UI Claim back in Febuary and didn't hear anything back until August! And once i did i was told i should start filing my weekly claims and everything should start going through! So i log back onto the website in September because i was Contacted August 28th, 2020. So i filed a weekly claim on Monday it's now Saturday at 4:46 a.m. and i still have yet to receive funds at all! And i Can't get ahold of anyone during the week to get this solved! So i Hope this gets solved soon, For our Government to really be there for us and it be this hard to reach anyone for help especially if you really need it. It's just sad. I Really Hope this gets solved soon for everyone Praying for everyone! From a prior service member i really hope this gets this solved for everyone. 
  8. Jessica S | Sep 18, 2020

    Call and press one for English, press 6 listen to all that. Put in ss and do 1 for a scheduled call back. Seems to be the easiest way.

  9. JMiller | Sep 17, 2020

    I filed a claim for PUA 4 months ago and have

    not received anything about my claim. I have

    been trying for weeks to speak to someone at

    the contact center. I have requested several

    callbacks, emailed multiple times and no

    response from anyone. Im beyond frustrated...

  10. Justin Clark | Sep 17, 2020
    https://pua.getkansasbenefits.gov/    Link does not work... I quote "This site can't be reached."... what gives?
  11. Doug | Sep 16, 2020
    My claim is still under review and its been a month. Whats the easiest way to talk to a rep? Ive called a thousand times and is says all lines are full. Ive even started calling 5 min before it says their open!
  12. allyson | Sep 11, 2020

    still waiting since May file under review, email is the best way to go, received an answer I am on a "list" cant tell me a time frame WTF I am now financially ruined and bill collectors and IRS coming after my ass. This is crazy 


  13. Donnie D | Sep 11, 2020

    Finally got a call back after 3 months on the 1st of September. The Young lady Elaine or Ellen not sure if that's how she spells it, was simply amazing. Her allergies were acting up and she was still calling people. I had several issues with my application and she help correct all of them, it's a little tricky if your Self-Employed. But still haven't received any funds, and my application is still Under Review! No telling how long it going to take. I guess sell your stuff off to pay bills until you get something if anything back, it's what I'm doing now! Praying for everyone!


  14. Jessica S | Sep 10, 2020
    I filed back in March for regular was denied in April and did PUA. Been waiting and haven't heard nothing so I decided to call. After 5 days of calling over 150 times each day I finally talked to someone who told me that there is a list of people that has been disqualified from regular unemployment and their PUA hasn't yet been reviewed due to the system not showing the disqualification. This lady (Lauren) WAS AMAZING... She put me on a 'spreadsheet that was for my type of claims and said one of the managers should contact me within 10 days and if not to call and ask how far I am down the 'spreadsheet'. Fingers crossed this works but if you are in the same situation I would call and ask about the spreadsheet for sure. Will update if contacted finally..!
  15. Reece | Sep 08, 2020
    I filed for PUA over 3 months ago and my status    still says its under review. Do I need to refile? 
  16. Bill | Sep 08, 2020
    I followed their instructions, file for regular UI, then PUA. Uploaded documents.  From posts found I had answered last question incorrectly (the full reason doesn't show when reviewing the answers). I have also changed my payment option at least a dozen times, saving each time but it always, always switches back. Called to correct the issue with question and imagine my surprise to be told that they don't show that I filed for regular UI. Which is so very strange considering I received the denial letter and have been able to file a weekly claim under the PUA tab, which you can't even apply for unless you've submitted the initial UI claim. They filed this over the phone and was told I SHOULD receive the funds this week, but since the claims rep couldn't fix the payment options issue, even to just override to pay out to the state issued debit card, IF the funds are sent, it will be to an inactive account. Lord knows how long that will take to get corrected.
  17. Sue | Sep 02, 2020
    got through to someone who can transfer me to pua help. Called 15 times back to back to get a “will call u back” waited hour and a half and spoke for five monutes but she fixed a problem. I waited two months to hear something hopefully this change she made i will hear something sooner. She said wait a week. But we will see.
  18. Kim | Aug 30, 2020

    i have been waiting to see some kind of benefits from the unemploument in Kansas still to this day and i have been out of work since Mid march! My clain still says its under review. I called last week and finally got through to a live person, she informed me that my social security numer was one digit off and that was probably why i hadnt seen any benefits yet. She corrected this problem and still no money has came in. Me and my childten have lost our home and car during all this covid crap due to not having my income to pay for them and now reside on a relatives hide a bed because Kansas cant get their crap straight and get people paid. So expect to wait months for your money if it evet comes at all!

  19. Anonymous | Aug 21, 2020
    The complete lack of transparency by KDOL is another example of why people have no faith in government.  It shouldn't take an investigation by a news program to get answers regarding why most our experiencing delays. If KDOL would provide updates as known consistent questions or issues come to light would minimize a lot of frustration. I realize they have an antiquated system and this is a unique situation requiring additional code to be added to an already overworked program, however; KDOL shouldn't assume we know this. The information/instructions that are provided short of file claim, be denied regular unemployment, apply for PUA and upload "income" documents is very sparse. Now that they have several months under their belt and have seen the primary issues preventing claims from processing, they need to update the "instructions" and FAQ on their site so pending claimants will have another beneficial resource to turn to instead of calling.
  20. Bob | Aug 21, 2020

    Correction...  Midnight last Tuesday.

    My holdup was that I answered the last question wrong the first time I applied..  I chose "non of the above" as my reason for being out of work.  Once you answer it with non of the above the first time.. it wont matter how you answer it the rest. They have to fix it.

    Now I answer "as a direct result of Covid19"

    Tip..  last three answers are yes no yes.


  21. Bob | Aug 21, 2020

    I waited like 4 months.. couldn't get through.. then called about 4:00pm and got right through to an operator. This was last Friday.. Had my entire back pay deposited about midnight Monday.. 

    Number i called:  913-596-3500

  22. Stephanie Ward | Aug 21, 2020
    why when i log in it says under review but still wont let me file weekly claim’s... i don’t really understand much about all this stuff If anyone has some advice please let me know thanks!  God bless everyone during this time...... keep your heads Up were all strong and can overcome this
  23. Ed | Aug 20, 2020

    Let me make it clear, they are going to jail for fraud. Do not do anything Illegal. My point is: Criminals can get money from the state but hard workers with Legitimate claims can not get paid. This is a big storm, and the sun will come out. 

  24. Ed | Aug 19, 2020
    How can people get $10,000 loans from the state and don’t even have a small Business? Whatabout the people that have worked their whole life. Do KDOL care? We know KDOL is in a bad Position, so are we. We need Communication from you. Some of us have lossed everything and I’m one of them. All we have is a heart beat left, and I’m getting tired of hearing mine.
  25. Roxanne | Aug 19, 2020
    3 month and still nothing. Status “under review”. Cant get anyone on the phone for 3 months now.
  26. Sheena cragle | Aug 18, 2020
    can anyone tell me what the email is tk get a call back please have been waiting for over a month please help.  
  27. Jyl Lytle | Aug 17, 2020
    What is taking so long to process FPUC and PUA for self-employeed people? I haven't had any work since the beginning of March and I'm wracking up debt like crazy just to survive. What is going ON?! It took my boyfriend a few days to get his processed in Missouri. This is crazy. Don't ya'll realize how much we need this money right now? We need to buy school supplies and pay bills. What do I have to do to get my application processed? I'll do whatever I have to do, but can y'all please communicate what's taking so long?
  28. DISTURBED KANSAN | Aug 13, 2020
  29. Lana | Aug 05, 2020

    I lost my regular job in march got denied regular unemployment. I didn't make enough at that job so i had to clean houses on the side. Now

    appliedkd for pua to come to find out they don't have the system set up to help amyself and many many others. I believe we all need to contact the governor and  see if she can get something moving on this. I'm sure many including myself are about to loose everything we are all going to be living on the streets. Contact your governor, congressman contact them everyday if you have to and don't stop until you get results. Pua was for all of us that had to work second jobs to survive..

  30. Anonymous | Aug 04, 2020

    KDOL saying 80% of pua claims are potential fraud. Well KDOl need to wake up and stop using 1970's out of date equipment, no wonder people's information is being stolen. Plus stop paying people that are not eligible, they told us to file with the state and and get a denial letter, than keep submitting claims every week your not working due to Covid. Than I got a backpackment in late may finally after doing everything by the book. Now after speaking with a pua rep for the 1st time ever since I've applied, he said I received an overpayment back in 2017 after being played off for a few months, so I'm suspended for 5 years. I never received anything in the mail, no call. No email about that. Nor do I remember, if so it was an honest mistake. But their system should automatically flag a claim as or be able to tell your ineligible before paying out the funds.  Your creating fraudulent claims by doing this. And still are during a pandemic. Unreal. Now Im in a mess being self employed and about to lose my house, possibly everything else.  This is a good example, never depend on the government, I'll go mow yards with a mask next time before I ever apply for anything again. 


  31. Will T | Aug 02, 2020
    Yes, I am aware denial of regular unemployment is needed first, was just inquiring if the notice I received was the standard form letter the state is using for all applying for PUA benefits.
  32. Ed | Aug 02, 2020
    Have to be denied regular unemployment first
  33. Will T | Aug 02, 2020
    Did anyone going through this painful process receive their "denial" letter for regular unemployment (requirement before filing PUA) stating the reason was because additional info was requested since noted was self-employed? I'm asking in case this isn't the standard and an appeal might be needed. 
  34. mitch rios | Jul 27, 2020
    I am sick and tired of waiting for some kind of reply. People I know and work with have received payment. I applied before they did and we all filed the exact same way by helping each other with our applications. Will someone please contact me.
  35. Mamadou | Jul 24, 2020
    still nothing i  started filling since febuary 28 , never receive a dime i believe this system is the worst i came across about to be homeless cannot get a hold  of no one  i definitively hit rock bottom 
  36. Donnie D | Jul 20, 2020
    Still nothing, no call back, no email response.cannot request a call back because now it saying I reach my request limit..LOL... I was self employed, my application is still under review, it's been 3 months now! Not sure if there's another number to call or what. Like everyone else Bills are piling up, Landlord sold the house I'm living in so will need to move when my lease is up end of september !!
  37. Yasir Husamuldeen | Jul 17, 2020

    talked to someone over the phone on july the 13th after 3 months trying!! Honestly he was very helpful i submitted all the weeks since march 15th till july 13th i was told you may get your payment by ftiday which today, i i dnt get any, i i caed and thankful i could get them on the phone, tge lady told me first oayment might take sometime so I'll need to wait another week!! 

    I really don't know what to say, literally i lost everything i aold everything it worth $50 or more, my car get towed and i have no money to get back, my second car i sold it because i had to pay my rent and others bills, im behind on everything i have child to take care of, i i ok care of my 64 years old mother, i i just felt i i de very big mistake when i decided to work for myself as self-employed i did email the governor i tried everything possible and nothing, i believe ill end up homeless in the street 

  38. JC | Jul 15, 2020
    did anyone else get their back pay? I filed claimes for3 weeks but only got paid for one week. 
  39. Jeff B | Jul 13, 2020
    i have had my Pua claim in review status for atLeast 2 months. I couldnt take great job in albalabama because of covid. I have pretty much lost everything now. Phone shut off so how am isuppose to get calls for potiental jobs if i cant pay phone bill. 2 months is unreal. Someone needs to get on all these back claims. Mine is back dated to April 25th and have yet recieved anything. We depend on gov to do their jobs in time of crisis yet here a lot of stand left in the dark. But they expect to get our votes come election time. I would move out of this state if i could. Hasn’t done me any favors. Just take never give back. 
  40. Nikki | Jul 13, 2020
    I can't get anyone on the phone ever. I have tried emailing them as well and nothing for like 2 weeks. 
  41. Ed | Jul 13, 2020

    I was denied regular unemployment when I lost my job. Made enough to get my unemployment through Door Dash. Was asked to send in proof , I did that. Was told everything was ok. Called today and found out the system is not setup. When will the sytem be set up. She said she don’t know. She said she will give my name for a call back by the supervisor, but the supervisor will not call me back because the system is not set up for someone that already have an Account???????????????????????????

  42. Eddy | Jul 13, 2020
    PUA is not set up. They are just pulling names out of hats. I was just told this by a worker.
  43. Christina | Jul 10, 2020
    how long is the under review process after filing past claims all at once? 
  44. Adam | Jul 07, 2020
    For anyone who is reading here and saw my comment from last week, I received a payment today.
  45. chris osorio | Jul 06, 2020
    I have been waiting patiently and i know you guys re swamped rn thank you.
  46. Amanda Dexter | Jul 03, 2020
    I recieved a call-back 2 weeks ago and was told that I had been approved and should expect payments and back payments within a week.  Still nothing. Applied first day it opened, have filed every week, and still nothing. Had to let a credit card charge off, have gone thru savings, month behind on utilities... I have been so very patient. This is unacceptable.
  47. Adam | Jul 01, 2020

    If you are self-employed, claim status says "Under Review", and you still have not received benefits, there may still be hope. Keep filing your weekly claims! Make sure you are NOT logged in to the system and go to https://pua.getkansasbenefits.gov/PUAStartMenu.aspx and click on "CONTACT KDOL" to request a callback. Then, try sending a POLITE email explaining your situation and callback request to "kdol.pua.inquiry@ks.gov". I had almost given up but I was finally contacted back today after a couple of weeks. The man was very helpful. I had answered a couple of questions wrong, which he explained and corrected, then resubmitted my application which he said looked good this time. He said they will back-pay to the date I had been filing weekly claims for, so keep filing your weekly claims! We'll see next week if they do or not.

    Trust me, I know it's very frustrating but please keep in mind that they are swamped and the specialist calling you back cannot personally do anything about the state government's lackluster process, so be polite to them and they will most likely help you out.

  48. Yoli | Jun 30, 2020
    i have been waiting for a month and my claim status still says under review!? How are we expected to live without income? This is absurd. I am 43, i have been a tax paying employee since i was 15.  I should be able to utilize the system that I've paid into for so long. 
  49. Lori | Jun 30, 2020
    i just read a comment that Kansas doesn't help the self employed and I'm going too disagree. I filed for that pandemic assistance i am self employed and by the time I'm got my card in the mail i already had 9100 dollars on it. Thanks you Kansas for taking care of the self employed
  50. Donnie D | Jun 29, 2020
    I applied 1st in beginning of April, before the PUA link was available. Then applied again when the link was available, I am self employed and my application has been under review for quite some time.I did receive the letter stating what i might be receiving if approved. I called several times and emailed several times and no response! Not sure what else to do.

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