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Two New Directors Appointed to KDOL Leadership Team

by Audri Smith | Feb 19, 2019

Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) Acting Secretary, Delía García, has selected Laurel Klein Searles to serve as Director of Unemployment Insurance and Julie Menghini as Director of Communications/Legislative Liaison for the agency. The appointments are effective immediately.

Acting Secretary García, believes they will be key members to the KDOL Leadership team. “By selecting Julie as the Communications Director and Legislative Liaison, we can draw upon her legislative and constituent services experiences and background in both human resources and communications to better serve Kansas citizens and businesses,” she said. “Laurel’s previous experience at KDOL allows her to hit the ground running as our new Unemployment Insurance Director. I am pleased to welcome her back to KDOL.” Read more here.


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  2. Aden Lewis | May 19, 2020
    No updates on why all PUA unemployed are still inactive after a week with no update or information. These people need to stop being paid until those of us that worked our buts off to pay them for years get what we should have had in April after the Federal Government told them to give it to us. 
  3. Kim | Apr 21, 2020
    The KS Department of Labor is a total joke. For one thing, how the hell are you supposed to get in contact with ANYONE? No emails or phone numbers for leadership, every phone line constantly overloaded (WHY WHY WHY do you want me to "call back in an hour" instead of putting me on hold? No, I'm gonna try again right this freaking second because SOMEONE is getting through next and I'm gonna make sure it's me, I'm not waiting for people trying AFTER me who got lucky) then if you DO actually get in contact with anyone, what do you know it's the wrong person, so now you get to wait on hold for 2 hours just for someone ELSE to tell you they can't do anything tangible anyway. What is wrong with you people? Get serious! I don't know anyone who works in food service that go a month just waiting to maybe get paid. It's nearly the end of APRIL, if it took me months to respond to an emergency situation I'd be fired. KDOL needs to step up or get new leadership (again).
  4. Shawness Selders-Cavanaugh | Mar 31, 2020
    very un happy being asking to get account reset since last week still not done. Very unhappy

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