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KDOL COVID-19 Response Resources Web Page

by Audri Smith | Mar 13, 2020

This afternoon, Kansas Secretary of Labor Delía García released the KDOL COVID-19 Response web page with resources available for employers and workers affected by COVID-19.

Links to the United States Department of Labor (USDOL), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), the Department for Children and Families and GetKansasBenefits.gov will be available on this one page to make it easier for Kansans to keep updated on the virus and resources available to assist them during this challenging time. Read more here.

The COVID-19 Response Resources page can be found at www.dol.ks.gov/covid19response


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  1. MH | Jul 08, 2020

    I haven't seen any answers...

    It appears that this sight is for non-essential whining only.

  2. MC | Jul 08, 2020
    So of course having the same issues as many of you on here leaving comments, but my question is has anyone ever been contacted back by the DOL on any of these comments or is this just a space allowed for us deplorables to feel as though we have gotten some where?
  3. Somara | Jul 07, 2020
    Received 1 $600.00 payment but no more. How do i get this corrected?
  4. Homeless DueTwoThis | Jul 07, 2020
    I have 17 weeks of claims I need to address with somebody but honestly from 8am to 4pm everytime I call its the queue is full hang-up message Im potentially being evicted today thanks to This Scam tactic the state is employing and im not really happy about it. Ive been dealing with this for 17 weeks and even though im making a little forward progress the system has and is continuing to fail me. I just want to talk to a real person about my issues but instead have to tell my kids we have nowhere to live because the state of kansas hold queue is full.
  5. Addison | Jul 01, 2020
    Is kdol hiring temp work to help process these mass calls? I cannot get ahold of anyone and I have 9 weeks of Federal Pandemic Assistance to claim. That's a big chunk of money that I very much need. 
  6. Nicole | Jul 01, 2020
    the call line is always full and I can call 50 to 100 times a day and get the same call back later message I've been calling since the beginning of March,  I cant do online because it says my information is wrong! Its not wrong I know my own name and information. I cant even register , and I cant talk to anyone so how can I contact someone? How can I be able to register ? Its been months of calling and calling and no help or answers , what am I supposed to do 
  7. Felicia Martindale | Jul 01, 2020
    I cannot register online, it gives me an error everytime. I call the number and the hold queue is full. I call every day, numerous times and I cannot get through to setup my account. 
  8. Jeff b | Jun 29, 2020
    so for over a month ive been filing my claims and I still haven't received a payment you cant get thru on the phone and never get an email back kdol your a joke...
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  10. Courtney Clayton | Jun 26, 2020
    how can i request a call back
  11. 000 | Jun 24, 2020
    Трахни тебя, Канзас!  Вы испортили мне жизнь и множество других людей, потому что вы не платите людям те льготы, на которые они имеют право.  Теперь я собираюсь убить себя, потому что у меня буквально нет средств, чтобы оплатить любой из моих счетов.  Черт возьми, ты из Канзаса.  Я Увидимся, когда вы попадете в ад!
  12. Салли Струзерс | Jun 24, 2020
    Держите карандаш наготове, чтобы записать курс, вас больше интересует, чем позвонить по бесплатному номеру ICS, и мы вышлем вам один из этих интересных карьерных пакетов.  Эти курсы, опять же, абсолютно бесплатны со всей необходимой вам информацией, поэтому позвоните сегодня и получите свежую бесплатную информацию для предварительной информации, о которой говорила Салли Струтерс, так что решите, хотите ли вы тренироваться дома для лучшей карьеры, чтобы заработать больше денег.  или продвинуться по своему текущему рабочему вызову восемьсот четыре пять пять 7200 операторов в настоящее время дежурят, чтобы отправить вам бесплатную информацию по обратной почте и выбрать один из этих захватывающих профессий.  Это для 4-5 7200 звонков сейчас.
  13. Lesley | Jun 16, 2020
     I can't seem to find out how long my UI will continue during the Covid19? It says last week was my last week of the 122.00 I get, and I don't know why is stopped. I thought it lasted 26 weeks.
  14. Anne Mccartney | Jun 12, 2020
    I have called 23 times in the last 2 days and get nothing but the recording. My job has taken me back part time and I am paid hourly. I have taken today off (so no pay) to try to keep calling. These comments give me little hope.
  15. scott | Jun 08, 2020

     I thought we were the only ones with back payments due I just got one 600 payment  but still should receive 5 more this is totally unexceptable. You never get answers when you do call.

  16. Robert | Jun 01, 2020
    I only received 3 weeks of the Covid-19 cares act $600 back pay. There should have been at least 6 weeks of back pay. When is the remainder of the back pay going to be paid out.
  17. Irfansardar | May 31, 2020
    This really great that you are updated us and are on one page with employers Clickr Pk
  18. Carla | May 14, 2020
    I have only gotten 1 $660 payment and so far nothing done with last 2 weeks I have claims for.  They requested I fax info to them a week ago and still nothing.   It's just inexcusable.   I'm so disappointed in our government in kansas.
  19. ML | May 13, 2020
    Now the website seems to be crashing.  Again.
  20. Maya | May 12, 2020
    I guess im back to not getting the extra $600. Anyonelse experience this today?  Just got my normal weekyl payment.
  21. Chuck | May 08, 2020
    Got 1 $600 payment but nothing on back pay, don't want to sound ungrateful but could really use the back pay.
  22. M.Rodriguez | May 08, 2020

    I thought I was the only one but I can see here I'm not the only one who can't find nor get any answers. I have called 4 days in a row now precisely at 8am and have not talked to a single person. I have literally and honestly only heard an actually ringtone 9 out of the 300 some calls I've tried to make. They all go straight to the premade hang up message and can someone explain why at 4pm on the dot the system goes straight to a busy tone even though the website says they stay answering till 415pm? Website is only useful to make a claim nothing else then all it says is to call the call center for help but the phones are never answered from open till close. Just a message with no help and told to call back just to not get an answer again. First time in my life I had to deal with unemployment hopefully I'll never have to again!!!!

  23. Trump 2020 | May 07, 2020
    all monies should be caught up by May 9.
  24. Rei | May 07, 2020
    I have been fortunate that I've received 2 of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) payments. It says that the retroactive payments for prior weeks after the law went into effect on March 29, 2020, will be following soon. I know I have at least 2 retroactive payments coming. The Kansas Dept of Labor homepage says "soon". I really don't mean to sound like an ingrate, because I'm appreciative I've begun to receive something, but is there any hint at all as to when "soon" is? I guess I'm worried that those retroactive payments will be ignored and I won't get them. And I could use the money (can't we all). Makes me think of all the waiting on the stimulus checks. I'm just wondering and trying not to worry. Thanks much.
  25. Amy | May 07, 2020

    Cannot even get on the callback queue. Before 8am says it's closed, right at 8am says the queue is full.


  26. daniel | May 06, 2020
    been calling daily from 8 am to 4 pm and can't even get into phone queue. the line just hangs up on me.
  27. Barbara Fields | May 06, 2020
    My husband has 3 weeks of filed claims from April 4, 11 and 18 that haven't been paid yet.  The current weeks are being paid.  Whats going on?
  28. Gwendolyn Bruner | May 05, 2020
    it now May 5th. Where is everyone's back pay as you state that it will be distributed properly 
  29. Daniel | May 05, 2020
    Someone is fraudulently claiming unemployment in my name. I have been trying for days to get in touch with someone at the office about it and it won't even let me get into queue, it just says the queue is full from the moment they open until the moment they close. S now i'm going to be screwed, having money stolen from me and even having to pay taxes on money that was given to someone else in my name. The UI office has no email address or message system to get in touch with them, just a phone number that says "the call queue is full, please try back later." This is ridiculous. Kansas, maybe you should have spent my taxes on staff and infrastructure instead of handouts to the rich.
  30. Charles Wayne Neff | May 04, 2020
     How do I file for unemployment for the self-employed?
  31. Kelly S. | Apr 30, 2020
    Gov. Kelly, along with her ilkegal alien loving labor secretary are liars! Sustem shows they are paying me $600 per week, but i have not received ANYTHING! Wheres the $ Governor Kelly? Your lies and incompetent leadership are nothing short of a true dictator! If its its last thing i do, you will NEVER be relected in this state again!
  32. Sue lang | Apr 28, 2020
    the 600.00 shows on my claim status. With taxes out. But. I am not getting the money, date paid shows N/ A
  33. KDC | Apr 20, 2020
    You can go online to file for unemployment (if you can get on the site). If you have questions pertaining to CARES or anything else, you are just screwed. I have been calling numerous times a day for 5 weeks and they NEVER answer the phone. I'm sure they make no attempt to. This is a complete joke and Governor Kelly should resign. A COMPLETE FAILURE by Kansas government. GIVE US ANSWERS!!!
  34. Carl | Apr 20, 2020

     Can anyone find the exact qualifications for receiving the CARES Act $600 additional to the regular UI benefit?

    Maybe a web site that has this spelled out? or documented list of qualifications?  

  35. das | Apr 19, 2020
     are we getting back pay for the 600 a week from the start date of the bill?
  36. Anonymous | Apr 11, 2020
    so the government give us a $600 for unemployment vape should be getting right now but Kansas won't give it out shall we go get it or not
  37. Troy | Apr 09, 2020
    I went from a temporary layoff to my company does not know when they will call me back because the shelter in place. Do i have to do anything different to be eligible for the cares act.
  38. Jeremy | Apr 07, 2020
    Does anyone get a response.  There is a lot to be left unanswered for people that were on unemployment prior to this Covid-19 mess.  I thought they were to be working extended hours.  
  39. jjll | Apr 07, 2020
    Has anyone on here actually got a response back!
  40. Ken | Apr 03, 2020
    when does the $600 boost go into effect
  41. Dave | Apr 02, 2020

    Unfortunately, with this crisis going on, the offices hours are still 8 to 4:15?

    Complete incompetence of government for an pandemic crisis such as this has caused.

  42. Em | Apr 01, 2020
    How do I apply for the CARES act? I am currently under great danger of loosing everything due to this pandemic like many others and need assistance.
  43. Anne | Mar 31, 2020


    I really appreciate the workers going in and working the long hours and handling stressed-out Kansans.


    I have questions:

    Do I need to do anything else to qualify for the $600 CARES Act boost to a weekly benefit?

    I also want to get mailers by email as I get mail at a different location. 

    How can I change that?






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