Safety Assistance and Consultations


The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) can provide your company with a FREE safety and health consultation. More than 1,200 employers request our consultations every year.

KDOL safety and health consultations can:

  • Help control workers compensation insurance premiums

  • Improve the safety and health of your employees

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase profitability

Benefits of a Free Consultation
Using the free consultation program, employers can find out about potential hazards at their worksites and improve safety and health management practices.

  • It's a business investment.

  • Improved safety can increase production, decrease work comp premiums and help your overall bottom line.

  • It's confidential. Your name, your firm's name and any information about your workplace will not be reported to anyone outside your company.

  • You can't be fined by a consultant. You are required to correct safety hazards, but there are no financial penalties.

  • The KDOL consultation program is designed for smaller businesses. It's designed to meet your needs.

Get more details on the consultation program. Download the K-ISH 100 consultation program brochure..
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Contact us at:
Kansas Department of Labor
Industrial Safety and Health
417 SW Jackson St.
Topeka, Kansas 66603-3327
(785) 296-4386

Employer Testimonials

What are Kansas businesses saying about the KDOL Consultation program?

On benefits of improved safety in the workplace

"I have used the services provided by KDOL as a "double check" and a report card on how we are doing as far as maintaining our Safety Program and keeping our people safe and out of harm’s way. It's always nice to have a "second set of eyes" and a fresh approach when auditing our facility. I use the service every year or so because things change in our working environment and with your organizations help it verifies that we are doing the right thing. I also appreciate the knowledge and training that the representatives provide to make us better as a company.” Martin Machine and Welding, Inc. Halstead, Kan.

On workplace safety and employees

"Because of this (safety consultations), we were able to evolve from a safety program mentality to a safety culture reality. Everyone has accountabilities and responsibilities. Management is not the exception, it is the example. Everyone is held accountable for the choices they make." - Richard Brauer, Human Resources consultant, American Maplan Corporation, McPherson

"Production and quality ultimately reap the rewards when employee morale is improved by a company which gives precedence to employee safety." -- Debra Lizalde, Human Resources, Lowen Corporation, Hutchinson 

"SHARP is a very good way for employers to take a proactive approach in developing a superior safety program, with the help and oversight of the regulating community. Through SHARP, employees began to conscientiously watch and recognize hazards. They took responsibility along with the employer for working safely and providing a safe work environment." -- Paul Dalke, director of safety and environment, Beachner Grain, Erie