Get your Safety Program into SHAPE

- To be considered for participation in SHAPE the public employer must meet the following criteria:

  1. Establishment has had a comprehensive safety inspection from a Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) consultant within the last two years. If not, the employer may set up an appointment to obtain an inspection by contacting KDOL at: (785) 296-4386 ext. 6031 or email:
  2. If you have received a comprehensive Safety inspection from a KDOL consultant within the past five years, all of the hazards found must have been corrected.
  3. Establishment must meet one of the following two criteria.
    1. DART and TRC Rate must be below the most recently available Kansas State Average for the combine local and state government rate.
    2. The establishment has documented a minimum number of safety training hours based on the size of the entity for at least three months prior to application.

           SHAPE size chart

  4. All applicants must submit an OSHA 300 log or an equivalent.
    1. A copy of an OSHA 300 log is available here.
    2. To calculate your entity's DART or TRC rate, please visit page 5 of this form.

Renewal: When an establishment comes up on its next scheduled inspection with the Kansas Department of Labor they will complete a full Safety Inspection, have their OSHA 300 log (or equivalent), and DART/TRC or Safety Training Log reviewed.  If they still meet the SHAPE Standards the entity will have renewed SHAPE Status.

If the employer meets all of the above qualifications, please complete the application and submit it electronically. Questions regarding the SHAPE program may be directed to the office of Jeana Payne, SHAPE program coordinator at: (785) 296-4386 ext. 6031, fax (785) 296-1775 or email

Thank you for your interest in our program and in the continued safety and
health of all Kansas employees.