Private Employment Agencies

A private employment agency is an employment agency where the person seeking a job has to pay a fee to the employment agency. Temporary employment agencies that charge a fee to people seeking workers are not private employment agencies under the law.

In order to operate a private employment agency, a person must obtain a license from the Kansas Department of Labor. The cost is $25, and the license must be renewed each year. The license must list the private employment agency's address. The private employment agency must display their license in an area where people can see it. They also have to display nearby a copy of the Kansas Law on Private Employment Agencies (KSA 44-401 through 44-412).

People who apply for a private employment agency license must also post a bond of $500. If they violate any conditions of their license they may lose the bond.

Questions should be directed to Employment Standards at (785) 296-5000, ext. 1068