Unemployment Insurance Weekly Review (UIWR)

This weekly publication contains information relating to the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program. The review provides data on UI claims and exhaustions, benefit payments, Trust Fund balances and more. UIWR provides the most current UI information available and allows comparisons to be made to the previous week and the same week a year ago.

Latest Edition

Report for the week ending December 1, 2018

Previously Published Editions

Note: The format and content of the UIWR have been revised. Prior to September 11, 2010, previous editions listed here contain the UI Claims Newsletter, a document which has been replaced by the UIWR. The content of these two publications is similar. However, as the claimant composition differs between the publications, caution should be exercised when comparing the UIWR to previous UI Claims Newsletter publications.

Unemployment Insurance (UI) Statistics

Unemployment Insurance Reference Guide

Unemployment Insurance FAQs