Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) Decisions Concerning the Public Employer Employee Relations Act (PEERA)

Chronological Order
Complaint Against Employer (CAE)
Complaint Against Employee Organization (CAEO)
Unit Certification (UC)
Unit Election (UE)
Unit Clarification or Amendment (UCA)
Unit Determination (UD)
Unit Determination and Certification (UDC)
Unit Decertification (UDE)

Subject Index
Prohibited Practice Decisions
Representation Decisions
Mandatory and Permissive Subjects

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We are still in the process of placing some of the oldest PEERA decisions on this website. With a limited delay, newly issued decisions will be made available here. The column heading "Appeal Status" is intended to reflect the highest level of administrative or judicial review to which a decision was appealed. The appeal information contained in this column is incomplete but will be posted as the research is completed. If you are aware of appeal information not yet posted, please let us know through the Contact Us information provided below.

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