Complaint Against Employee Organizations

Case Number Description Appeal Status
75-CAEO-7-2003 PSEU Local 1132 v. UG Wyandotte To PERB
75-CAEO-1-2002 Caulfield & Guss v. FHSU
75-CAEO-1-2002 Caulfield and Guss v. FHSU
75-CAEO-1-2001 Final Order Caulfield and Guss v. FHSU
75-CAEO-4-2000 FHSU AAUP v. FHSU (Order on Motion to Dismiss)
75-CAEO-4-1998 IBEW, FOP & IUOE v. Coffeyville To KS Supreme Court
75-CAEO-3-1998 Summary Proceeding Kansas Dept of Administration v Kansas State Troopers Association
75-CAEO-2-1998 Coffeyville v. FOP, IBEW & IUOE
75-CAEO-1-1998 Leslie Charles Coover v. AFSCME Council 64
75-CAEO-3-1997 Flowers v. Shawnee Co & Teamsters Local 696
75-CAEO-2-1997 Creswell v. Shawnee Co & Teamsters Local 696
75-CAEO-2-1988 Shawnee Co v. FOP Lodge 3
75-CAEO-1-1982 Pittsburg State University v. KNEA To KS Supreme Court
75-CAEO-1-1974 KU Medical Center v. PSEU Local 1132
75-CAEO-1-1973 PSEU v. KAPE To KS Supreme Court

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