Repayment Plan

Voluntary repayment plans are available for individuals unable to pay the entire amount in a lump sum.

A voluntary repayment plan is your promise of how you intend to reduce your UI Overpayment account to a zero balance. Offered plans are neither accepted nor rejected (and there is no return confirmation) but are left open for your performance of your stated intentions. Remember to make each payment when due. Under any repayment plan, a final payment may be larger or smaller than any recurring payment amount. Failure to timely make a payment will mean that there is no plan in place. Making timely and suitable payments under a repayment plan or offer may extend your time to repay the overpayment, but does not compromise or reduce the balance of your Overpayment account. In addition, your voluntary payments may not prevent KDOL from offsetting other monies including, but not limited to, tax returns, offsets, other benefits or future UI benefits.

If you want to establish a repayment plan, you will need your personal information, the current balance and suggested monthly repayment of your Overpayment account. Complete the Overpayment Repayment Plan or  en Español-Overpayment Repayment Mail the completed, signed form with an initial payment to: Kansas Department of Labor, Asset Recovery, 401 SW Topeka Blvd., Topeka, KS 66603-3182.

You may call Asset Recovery at (785) 296-3609 to obtain your current balance or click here.

Voluntary wage withholding and payment agreement