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AP-00-0473-092 Lara v. APAC Kansas, Inc..pdf

April 14, 2023

Gover testified Respondent’s top priority as a company is safety, and every meeting...Bogdan, dated January 12, 2023, is affirmed. IT IS SO...


February 9, 2021

Check· In: Report lo the shop and to your supervisor at the beginning of each workday...QUitting Time: Retum to the shop at the end of t.....This ...

Kim Chacon & Scott Snodgrass (Spirit AeroSystems Inc)_Spirit AeroSystems-Planning and Deploying a Sustainable Ergonomics Process.pdf

October 24, 2023

GENERAL September 2023 Kim Chacon & Scott Snodgrass Spirit AeroSystems Case Study...Ergonomics for Design ▪ All Operation Support Staff (OSS’s) for 737 trained in...


February 9, 2021

Saline County) Page2 Dump Truck Driver Engineering Technician I, II and Ill...Estate Clerk Sales Verification Appraiser Secretary Senior Chemical Applicator ...

AP-00-0472-965 Epps v Macy's Retail Holdings Inc..pdf

August 11, 2023

The Board heard oral argument on May 11, 2023....On January 6, 2023, ALJ Sample issued the Award....Claimant was not engaged in...

Jacob Larson & Arthur Fink (K-State Pollution Prevention Institute)_Whats in Your Waste.pdf

October 24, 2023

2023 Kansas Department of Labor Conference Jacob Larson & Arthur Fink Kansas State...65 Top waste violations • Failure to determine if waste...

AP-00-0475-720 Greer v. AGCO Corp.pdf

August 11, 2023

On February 15, 2023, Dr....Kwik Shop, Inc., No. 1,062,995, 2015 WL 996896, at *8 (Kan....Kwik Shop, Inc., No. 113,418,...

AP-00-0477-783 Evans v. Flint HIlls National Golf Club, Inc..pdf

October 18, 2023

Carrier ORDER Respondent and Insurance Carrier (Respondent) appeal the July 25, 2023...Ferguson picked up Claimant in a cart and they drove to the...

2023 Economic Report.pdf" target="_blank"> 2023 Economic Report.pdf

October 3, 2023

Table 11 Top High Demand Occupations Kansas 2023 Occupation Median Annual Wage...Table 12 Top 15 High Demand High Wage...

2023 Labor Report.pdf" target="_blank"> March 2023 Labor Report.pdf

April 21, 2023

IMPORTANT NOTE: This release includes nonfarm jobs and labor force estimates for March 2023...Kansas unemployment rate remained steady at 2.9% throughout the first quarter...

AP-00-0475-935 Shannon v. Redtail Investments LLC.pdf

September 14, 2023

Wyatt were at the front of the shop greasing up the baler. Mr....He testified he was present at the front of the shop on the following Monday...

AP-00-0473-094 Shouse v. Scarrow Pallet Plus.pdf

April 14, 2023

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Steven Roth's preliminary hearing Order dated January 3, 2023...WHEREFORE, the Board affirms the January 3, 2023,...

2023" target="_blank"> June Labor Report 2023

July 21, 2023

Communications Director Labor Market Report June 2023...IMPORTANT NOTE: This release includes nonfarm jobs and labor force estimates...

2023 .pdf" target="_blank"> Labor Report April 2023 .pdf

May 19, 2023

IMPORTANT NOTE: This release includes nonfarm jobs and labor force estimates for April 2023...“April 2023 estimates indicate average nominal hourly...

2023.pdf" target="_blank"> Labor Report January 2023.pdf

March 9, 2023

NOTE: This release includes nonfarm jobs and labor force estimates for January 2023...“This strong growth continued in January 2023, with ...

2023.pdf" target="_blank"> Labor Report February 2023.pdf

March 24, 2023

Communications Director Labor Market Report February 2023...NOTE: This release includes nonfarm jobs and labor force estimates for...

AP-00-0472-701 Becerra v. Racette Construction.pdf

March 17, 2023

July 15 when he stood up from a kneeling position and struck the middle of the top...At the time, the claimant was repairing a machine shop garage...

UI Account Login Technical Assistance .pdf

July 31, 2023

Created 8/21/2023 If you have already signed up for an online account and are having...logging in, please follow the steps below: ATTENTION: Click on the link at the...

AP-00-0474-534 Stratton v. American Phoenix, Inc..pdf

June 8, 2023

0469-532 readings, a worker being injured after “bear-hugging” another employee, dumping...Bogdan, dated March 17, 2023, is af firmed. IT IS SO...

AP-00-0477-812 Swisher v. Core Mark International, Inc..pdf

October 18, 2023

And when I peeled my shoe off, I got cut on that part of the ladder at the top of...that where it hinges up to the top of the truck.2 1 Claimant...

2023.pdf" target="_blank"> Objectives 2023.pdf

July 17, 2023

Continuing Education Safety and Health Objectives 2023 During the workshops outlined...OSHA’s Top Poorly Written Regulations (Come Vote!)

2023.xlsx" target="_blank"> EDI Quarterly Report Q1 2023.xlsx

April 7, 2023

1.82 2023 Q1 ACIC 10 1 11 90.91 9.09 2023 Q1 Actec Systems, Inc 4 0 4 100 0 2023...3 100 0 ...

2023 .xlsx" target="_blank"> EDI Quarterly Report Q2 2023 .xlsx

November 17, 2023

0 2023 Q2 ACUITY A MUTUAL INSURANCE CO 101 13 0 114 88.6 11.4 2023 Q2 AMERICAN...& Specialty 10 6 0 16 62.5 37.5 2023...

2023.xlsx" target="_blank"> EDI Quarterly Report Q3 2023.xlsx

November 17, 2023

0 2023 Q3 ACUITY A MUTUAL INSURANCE CO 82 0 0 82 100 0 2023 Q3 AMERICAN INTERSTATE...0 2023 Q3 Actec Systems, Inc 1 0 0...

AP-00-0473-575 Chance v. Spirit Aersosystems Inc.pdf

July 17, 2023

The Board heard oral arguments on June 15, 2023. APPEARANCES Jeff K....This required her to fill kits and pull parts for the shops....On October...

Web Agenda Day 2.pdf

June 29, 2023

Overland Park Convention Center; Overland Park, KS DAY TWO - WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2023...p.m. (60 min) Management Track 2:15 p.m. (60 min) Medical Track Ethics II...

2023 FINAL (08.10.23).pdf" target="_blank"> ISH Conference Program 2023 FINAL (08.10.23).pdf

August 10, 2023

Thank you 2023 speakers!...OSHA’S Top Poorly Written Regulations (Come Vote!)...), or TC 2023 and cast your vote.

AP-00-0473-388 Dalman v Mercury Management LLC.pdf

April 14, 2023

four feet of height (four-to-one rule); to tie down, block or otherwise secure the tops...did not have the ladder fully extended, but it was sufficiently extended for the...

2023 Labor Report .pdf" target="_blank"> August 2023 Labor Report .pdf

September 14, 2023

Communications Director Labor Market Report August 2023...IMPORTANT NOTE: This release includes nonfarm jobs and labor force...

2023.pdf" target="_blank"> July Labor Report 2023.pdf

August 18, 2023

Communications Director Labor Market Report July 2023...IMPORTANT NOTE: This release includes nonfarm jobs and labor force estimates...

2023.pdf" target="_blank"> Labor Report May 2023.pdf

June 16, 2023

Communications Director Labor Market Report May 2023...IMPORTANT NOTE: This release includes nonfarm jobs and labor force estimates...

Appeals Board Decisions

February 24, 2021

Appeals Decisions are available on Westlaw. As a convenience to our customers, this page contains links to Appeals Board Decisions added to the Workers Compensation website up to the last three...


February 9, 2021

County Maintenance Shop Phillipsburg , Kansas Case Number ...........County Maintenance Shop, Phillipsburg, Kansas Public Employee Relations...

What if my address has changed?

February 24, 2021

If your address has changed since you filed for unemployment benefits, you will need to register your change of address with KDOL in order to receive your 1099-G Form. You can register a change of ...


February 9, 2021

to the plumbing and have been denied.


February 9, 2021

hereby determined- to be as follows: INCLUDED: Engineer Aids Surveyman • Shop...Maintenance Shop Janitor Shop...

AP-00-0473-409 Hill v. J-D Trucking, Inc..pdf

April 14, 2023

CO. ) Insurance Carrier ) ORDER Claimant requests review of the January 24, 2023...stating, “I have swelling and Pain in my Left Temple and it moves up my Temple to the...

TOP)" target="_self"> Treasury Offset Program (TOP)

November 3, 2023

The United States Department of Labor (USDOL) requires that each State UnempIoyment Benefit program must age their delinquent debts every year for the state agency to be eligible to send delinquent...

Labor Market Information

January 15, 2021

Labor Market Information October Unemployment Rate: 2.9% Kansas | 3.9% NATIONAL October Labor Market Report View More Labor Market Information Unemployment Insurance Weekly Review Info: The...


February 9, 2021

Clerk-Registrar Commercial Appraiser Computer Operator Department Secretary Dump