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AP-00-0473-092 Lara v. APAC Kansas, Inc..pdf

April 14, 2023

Gover testified Respondent’s top priority as a company is safety, and every meeting...Bogdan, dated January 12, 2023, is affirmed. IT IS SO...


February 9, 2021

Check· In: Report lo the shop and to your supervisor at the beginning of each workday...QUitting Time: Retum to the shop at the end of t.....This ...


February 9, 2021

Saline County) Page2 Dump Truck Driver Engineering Technician I, II and Ill...Estate Clerk Sales Verification Appraiser Secretary Senior Chemical Applicator ...

AP-00-0472-965 Epps v Macy's Retail Holdings Inc..pdf

August 11, 2023

The Board heard oral argument on May 11, 2023....On January 6, 2023, ALJ Sample issued the Award....Claimant was not engaged in...

AP-00-0475-720 Greer v. AGCO Corp.pdf

August 11, 2023

On February 15, 2023, Dr....Kwik Shop, Inc., No. 1,062,995, 2015 WL 996896, at *8 (Kan....Kwik Shop, Inc., No. 113,418,...

AP-00-0475-935 Shannon v. Redtail Investments LLC.pdf

September 14, 2023

Wyatt were at the front of the shop greasing up the baler. Mr....He testified he was present at the front of the shop on the following Monday...

AP-00-0473-094 Shouse v. Scarrow Pallet Plus.pdf

April 14, 2023

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Steven Roth's preliminary hearing Order dated January 3, 2023...WHEREFORE, the Board affirms the January 3, 2023,...

AP-00-0472-701 Becerra v. Racette Construction.pdf

March 17, 2023

July 15 when he stood up from a kneeling position and struck the middle of the top...At the time, the claimant was repairing a machine shop garage...