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AP-00-0473-123 Osborne v. Dustrol, Inc..pdf

May 3, 2023

Marchant dated January 11, 2023, is dismissed....Flowers Baking Co. of Lenexa, AP-00-0472-819, 2023 WL 2376937 (Kan....WCAB February 8,...

AP-00-0461-875 Lewis v. Ditch and Associates, Inc..pdf

January 11, 2022

Lewis stated he was shopping with his wife over the weekend and his ankle gave out...Lewis stepping on his left foot and feeling severe pain after grocery...

AP-00-0474-364 Covarrubias v. Res-Care, Inc.pdf

June 8, 2023

AMERICA ) Insurance Carrier )) ORDER Claimant requested review of the March 10, the ALJ, consisting of the transcript of Preliminary Hearing, held March 8,...

AP-00-0477-818 Bishop vs. Kansas Turnpike Authority.pdf

October 18, 2023

Gurba, M.D., for a Court-ordered evaluation on April 4, 2023. Dr....This matter went to preliminary hearing on July 19, 2023....) at 3. 2 ALJ...

AP-00-0475-798 Mitchell v. Sprint Corp..pdf

September 14, 2023

OF READING PA ) Insurance Carrier ) ORDER Respondent appeals the May 26, 2023,...March 27, 2008, with exhibits attached; Motion Hearing transcript from May 24,...

AP-00-0474-538 Kraft v. Metro Courier Inc.pdf

May 3, 2023

Preliminary Hearing held January 24, 2023, with attached exhibits....He testified at the January 24, 2023, preliminary hearing. Mr....Claimant...

LR Oct2023 News Release.pdf

November 17, 2023

Communications Director Labor Market Report October 2023...NOTE: This release includes nonfarm jobs and labor force estimates for...


February 9, 2021

decertification election was conducted on October 12, 1978 at the Phillips County Shop...The election was conducted at the county shop 1vhich...